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Yamahorn Mk-2 for Space Engineers

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Published by Stragerd (mod ID: 1943705)



Hello Engineers.

I wonder how long this has been a thing. I am sure that most of us never bother going into any of the public servers that Keen puts up for players to use. I know that it has been a long time for me because back when they were starting to make the servers. It was laggy and difficult to play in them. The game has improved. I had no idea that they would put in a PCU limit. More so, they reduced it down to 20k pcu per person. I decided to go throw my list of ships to see which ones are good for that and which ones are close. Yamahorn is the base ship that Chandrahrasa Mk-3.V2 was from. The biggest difference is the wing. I also posted my Mk-2 set up for the ship. Mk-1 is the ship with no weapons or a gravity engine, Mk-2 is the ship with weapons and no gravity engine, and the Mk-3 is with both. The Mk-2 version of Yamahorn comes in at 14746 PCU. It is 2236 blocks. Its mass is now at 1,527,148. Max jump rang is 6548.01. I went for more of an artillery ship for long range. No railguns or missile turrets on this one. Other than that, it is very much the same ship as the Chandrahrasa.

I hope that those who try this will enjoy this ship. Fly safe and build great Engineers.




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