Space Engineers

Xbox Limit Bypass (EmptyWorld) for Space Engineers

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Published by Maddious (mod ID: 575423)




A EmptyWorld that circumvents some Xbox Limits!
I made this for testing propose, as it has unlimited PCU with no block limits of any kind with some extra's & performance settings to keep memory low.

What is "not" working on Xbox platform, the limit on more than 3 max planet types can't be chanced as the client overrides this.
I think there is a way around it, but that is not for this world save.

Chanced (World Settings)

  • AdaptiveSimulationQuality: true
  • BlockCountThreshold: 24
  • BlockLimitsEnabled: NONE (No PCU Limit on any Xbox)
  • CargoShipsEnabled: true
  • EnableDrones: true
  • EnableEconomy: false
  • EnableEncounters: true
  • EnableGoodBotHints: false
  • EnableSupergridding: true
  • EnableVoxelHand: true (Creative/Tools Only)
  • EnableWolfs: true
  • ExperimentalMode: true
  • HackSpeedMultiplier: 0.01
  • MaxActiveFracturePieces: 24
  • MaxDrones: 999
  • MaxFloatingObjects: 48
  • OptimalSpawnDistance: 10240 (m)
  • PiratePCU: 49152
  • PlayerCharacterRemovalThreshold: 12 (mins)
  • PlayerDistanceThreshold: 128 (m)
  • ProceduralDensity: 0.25
  • MaxBackupSaves: 2
  • ShowPlayerNamesOnHud: true
  • StationsDistanceInnerRadius: 1000000 (m)
  • StationsDistanceOuterRadiusEnd: 300000 (m)
  • StationsDistanceOuterRadiusStart: 1000000 (m)
  • StopGridsPeriodMin: 12
  • SunRotationIntervalMinutes: 240
  • SyncDistance: 2048 (m)
  • TrashRemovalEnabled: true
  • ViewDistance: 2560 (m)
  • WeatherSystem: true


While you can change things like world name, description, game-modes like survival & creative and online-modes like public/private.
You can't chance any advance setting under (Y) option, doing so will remove most settings stated above & remove unlimited PCU option from the world!!

It goes without saying that I'm not responsible for any save/world corruption or lose progress if you use this world!!




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SaltyLootbox13 @saltylootbox13

Yall are disorganized af

Im just trying to play the game

DODGECHASE @dodgechase

Hi this mod is ultimate, but do you have a version with thruster damage off?

GreyWolf3783172 @frendlyspino

Help i cant move once the scenario loads

DODGECHASE @dodgechase

I had the same problem, hold RT then Y go to reply tool and reload world from there, should work, also you load in with your backpack boosters off