Space Engineers

X-Wing Drone (Ion, NOMOD, R2-Decoy, C-Turrets) for Space Engineers

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Published by R-Flacko (mod ID: 2058178)



X-Wing Drone Ion:

4X Autocannon (Controlled by turret controllers)
1x Assault Cannon (in nose, looks good, only manual controlled)

- R2-Dcoy

1x Connector
13x Small Container (5 in body, 8 in wing which I would leave empty so the don't explode)

- 18 Ion Thrusters

1x Remote Control
4x Custom Turret Controller (Autocannons in wings)
1x Antenna
2x Camera (1 for remote control, 1 for parking assistance)
2x Gyroscope
45x Small Battery
10x Small Reactor
1x Projector (will only display main body, subgrids (wings) have to be manually repaired)
1x Offset Spotlight
4x Wing Hinges (the wings can open & close, highly advise locking them when opened)

So you want something to patrol your precious base? Perhaps something that doesn't look like a giant cube or a squirrel that got hit by a truck? No worries fam I got you, I hope you stormtroopers and rebels are ready. I present to you the X-wing Atmospheric drone controlled by R2-Dcoy, the Ion variant looks a bit better imo but the atmospheric variant is a bit faster. It can patrol autonomously if you set up the remote control and each wing has it's own custom turret controlled autocannon. If you do control it yourself there's even an assault cannon tucked in the nose for that extra bit of punch but don't expect wonders. The main body can be quickly repaired because it has an on-board projector. Sadly it doesn't project the subgrid wings so you'll have repair them yourself, I asked R2-Dcoy but he's a moody little drone... This Star Wars inspired build is made to look good first but as I went along I also wanted it to be functional. Luckily the new small grid advanced rotor made it so that the design can be totally MOD free. If it says some blocks can't be loaded it, don't trust the Sith Lord's mind tricks. I haven't seen any blocks not be loaded in so it should be fine. As this is a drone it can only be remote controlled or Ai controlled, there's no controlseat. It was very challenging to size this down to a drone sized ship that still looked good but I think it worked out pretty well. Holla at me if you find anything that's off, I'll update it asap.
May the force be with you!

Greetz, R-Flacko




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