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Weasel Rapid Assault Vehicle for Space Engineers

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Meerkat Manufacturing is proud to bring you the newest vehicle for its military contracts. Introducing the Weasel Rapid Assault Vehicle.

Meerkat wanted to produce a vehicle that was quick, Agile, and could cause a lot of destruction in a very short amount of time. Hence the Weasel. A medium armored rover with a fully rotating turret equipped with twin 20mm auto cannons and two fixed missile launchers. Capable of carrying 1,200 rounds of 20mm and 10 missiles the weasel excels at rapid assault. Getting in, doing damage, and getting out. Outfitted in enough armor to withstand small arms fire and heavy gatling fire for a short period of time while being able to knock out enemy emplacements or do significant structural damage. It can even perform as a anti air vehicle thanks to its high gun elevation arch.

Technical Documentation

Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering with limited assist on the rear of only 10°, enough power for about a day just off battery alone. Includes one hydrogen engine and 4 fuel tanks as well as two small nuclear reactors. The armor layout is a mix of both light and heavy, capable of handling small arms and gatling fire but has limited effectiveness against anything bigger. Rapid fire missile launchers are a major threat. Carrying capacity is around 1,200 rounds of autocannon and 10 missiles. Autocannons have full range of motion; The launchers are fixed to the sides of the turrets therefore require manual aim and activation. Aiming radius of the autocannons is so good it can be used for AA purposes. Turret is configurable for different weapons. Which will either be effective, or in effective. A anti personal turret could be very effective while a railgun would suffer from the small battery life. Vehicle is airtight but has no O2 gen or oxygen tank. And takes air directly for the atmosphere (Had to do this because getting close to the vehicle was glitching out the air around it causing you to suffocate even in a airtight enclosed space.) The vehicle itself has limited storage capacity with only the bottom connector and control seat having inventory space. The turret uses a connector to store ammo with six small cargo containers. This has drastically reduced ammo rack detonations as connectors don't explode. Vehicle is capable of doing 50 m/S safely. But try not to take too sharp of a corner. Vehicle cannot be orbital dropped.


Everything should be included in the blueprint. as it all should be attached through scaffolding. To attach the weapons system to the turret there is a timer block in the turret itself. Activate it. This will cause the hinge to constantly try to attach. Cut the weapon head off the scaffolding (Yellow Rust) and it should connect to the turret. Rinse and repeat with the turret using the timer block in the vehicle called turret attach. Once everything has been attached go to the custom turret controller and set up your controls. IMPORTANT: Set the auto cannons as the point of aim and not the camera. Because the weapons are off set the camera will cause the AC's to miss, where if they are he point of aim it will make sure at least one will always hit.


Clear Camera Overlay
Long Range Searchlight




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