Space Engineers

[WDM] Aggressor Light Destroyer for Space Engineers

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Published by Mc_zackb! (mod ID: 2057210)



[WDM] Aggressor Light Destroyer




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shaneadams2549 @shaneadams2549

Sorry my friend but these ships of yours need help, 1st of all you cannot tell the front from the back. 2 This is not just you WHERE is the door? And last WAY TOO MANY GUNS, this shows me you are young and have not a clue how much recoil comes with Deck Guns, the answer is a bunch with the number of guns you have the ship would get knocked of course each time you fired them off? I'm not saying they look bad at all I like the design just not the build, I will work on one and send it to you to show you the changes I made I made NO I WILL NOT RELEASE THEM! They belong to you. Take care