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Wasteland SafeZones - Limited for Space Engineers

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Published by FlareEK (mod ID: 1158385)


Wasteland Limited SafeZones

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Limits SafeZones Signifigantly


New Component: Shield Projector

Maximum Bubble Size: 30m

Maximum Power Draw: 33500 KW (33% Increase)

Minimum Power Draw: 3350 KW (33% Increase)

Startup Time: 5 Min

Zone Chips Are Now Drawed 2 Per Two Hours. (i.e. If you have 1 Zone Chip it wont run for the one hour, it will shut down.)

Created for the Galactic Conquest Community

This workshop item cannot be redistributed without explicit permission.
This item is not authorized for posting unless under the and Steam account names: FlareEK.


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