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Wartalon Mk. VI [Highwind Strike Fighter] for Space Engineers

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The Wartalon Mk. VI is a Talon-Class Strike Fighter

The Wartalon has an oxygen system, heavy armament, one gatling and missile turret, a survival kit, a decoy system, and the ability to exit and re-enter planets as well as land safely.
Survival ready, no mods or scripts are required.

Controls have been updated and are now working on Xbox.

The PC Edition from Steam can be found here:
Wartalon Mk. VI [Highwind Strike Fighter]

Fleet and Pilot Manual here:
Highwind Warfleet Collection - Guide


The Wartalon is the standard strike fighter of the Highwind Warfleet. It has an armament of 8 gatling guns, 2 standard rocket launchers, 1 gatling and missile turret, and a survival kit. The Wartalon is heavily reliant on hydrogen fuel for maneuverability, and only has a limited amount available. Hydrogen fuel and thrusters are recommended for the Wartalon to operate at full capacity, and can only maneuver slowly in space without hydrogen thrust. The Wartalon can operate in any planet environment without hydrogen if needed, except for the Lunar surface, which requires a small hydrogen aid.

Strike Fighters are heavier and comes equipped with better armament as well as armor compared to standard fighters. They have much more range then their lighter counterparts, and can operate independently from the fleet if needed. Like standard fighters, strike fighters are capable of fitting in the hangars of battlecruisers and dreadnoughts.

The Mark IV Wartalon is a complete redesign of the Mark III, exchanging the standard ion thruster system for a hydrogen dependent system. The Mark IV is also upgraded with extra storage capacity, a hydrogen tank, and 2 gatling turrets, but loses its reloadable rocket system. The Mk. V Wartalon improves even further on the refitted design, dramatically reducing hydrogen dependency on planets. When Hydrogen is available, the Wartalon has excellent maneuverability in both space and atmosphere. With these new updates to the Wartalon, it can now completely serve the role as a scout, in addition to it's fighter role.

The Mk. VI variant is a modernization of the fighter, which restructures its power systems by replacing most of the reactors with batteries, making power management much quicker. The new variant also modernizes the decoy system, giving a slight boost to the Wartalon's survivability. The ship's fuel capacity has been slightly increased as well. Because of the introduction of the new lighter Warclaw fighter, the Wartalon has been redesignated as the medium strike fighter alternative, specializing in longer range missions.

The Wartalon can be carried in the hangar of the Warfalcon Cruiser.
Warfalcon Mk. VII [Highwind Cruiser] (Steam Edition)

The Wartalon can be carried in the side hangars of the Warshield Battlecruiser.
Warshield Mk. V [Highwind Battlecruiser] (Steam Edition)


This blueprint has a cargo loadout for Realistic Inventory settings.
PvP Rating -- Fighter
Crew Capacity -- 1-3
Block Count -- 1314
Base Weight -- 108,000 kg
Pcu -- 9304

Control Stations
Command Seats -- 1
Remote Controls -- 1
Antennas/Beacons -- 1/1

Rocket Launchers -- 2
Gatling Guns -- 8
Gatling/Missile Turrets -- 1/1
Decoys -- 10

Cargo Space/Fuel Capacity
Cargo Containers: Large/Small -- 1/1
Oxygen Tanks -- 1
Hydrogen Tanks: Large/Small -- 1/6

O2/H2 Generators -- 1
Ore Detectors -- 1
Projectors -- 1
Connectors -- 2

Speed and Turning -- High
Hydrogen Thrust: Large/Small -- 5/25
Atmospheric Thrust: Large/Small -- 2/25
Ion Thrust: Large/Small -- 4/38
Environment Rating -- All Environments
Gyroscopes -- 14
Landing Gears -- 1
Parachutes -- 2

Power Structure
Reactors: Small -- 12
Batteries: Small -- 64

Survival Kits -- 1


Warclaw Mk. II [Highwind Fighter]
Warfalcon Mk. VII [Highwind Battlecruiser]
Warsaber Mk. II [Highwind Attacker]
Warshield Mk. V [Highwind Dreadnought]






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