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Warmaul Mk. II [Highwind Destroyer] for Space Engineers

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The Warmaul Mk. II is a Maul-Class Destroyer

The Warmaul has an oxygen system, complete base functionality, a long-range jump drive system, an ultra-advanced full-repair welder and projector system, an advanced decoy system, the ability to exit and re-enter planets, and the ability to safely land on planet surfaces when there is enough space.
Survival ready, no mods or scripts are required.

Controls have been updated and are now working on Xbox.

The PC Edition from Steam can be found here:
Warmaul Mk. II [Highwind Destroyer]

Fleet Manual and Pilot Manual here:
Highwind Warfleet Collection - Guide


The Warmaul is armed with 8 missile turrets and 8 gatling turrets. The standard tactics of the Warmaul is a topside barrage with all it's turrets by keeping the top of the ship facing the target. Light Vessels of the Highwind Fleet sacrifice range for speed, and are designed to outmaneuver enemy fire, while flying circles around their targets. The Warmaul is the final development of the secret Warcry project, allowing it to be mass produced for battle, as well as extending range with the addition of atmospheric thrust.

The Destroyers of Highwind are dedicated combat ships, designed to hunt down and destroy even larger enemy ships. Destroyers sacrifice many amenities for a minimalistic build that maximizes combat effectiveness and reduces weight. They are a cheaper alternative to cruisers and battlecruisers while maintaining almost the same combat effectiveness in battle.

Relying on purely hydrogen thrust, the Warcry is among the fastest ships in the fleet, able to encircle its enemies and pummel them to death, while dodging their fire and avoiding damage. Being a light vessel, the Warcry sacrifices both armor and range for it's speed, making it weaker compared to other vessels in the fleet. As well, the reliance on only ice for fuel greatly limits the Warcry's operational range, making it require a functional base of operations that can provide a consistent supply of hydrogen.

The Warcry is the most powerful warship in Highwind's arsenal. It's designed to completely overwhelm and destroy any other ship in the fleet, having experimental welder technology that renders it nearly indestructable. Serving as a prototype, the the development of the Warcry introduced many new technologies into the warfleet, such as self-welding conveyors and advanced decoys on the wingtips.

The Warmaul is the final development of the Warcry prototype, allowing the newly developed full-weld technology to be utilized at far less cost. The shortage of range that the Warcry suffers from has been rectified with the addition of atmospheric thrusters, dramatically improving the ship's performance in atmospheric environments. Some compromises had to be made with the Warmaul compared to other ships in the warfleet, however. These include the exclusion of ion thrust from the final design, helping greatly reduce weight, power drain, and material cost, in exchange for reduced performance in space. The interior of the ship also had to sacrifice pressurization, in an effort to make the ship as compact as possible.

The Warmaul is a vessel designed purely for combat, where as other ships in the fleet are more flexible in matters of exploration and diplomacy. Hydrogen fuel and thrust is recommended for the Warmaul to operate in planetary environments, however it can operate on any atmospheric planet without hydrogen if needed.


This blueprint has a cargo loadout for Realistic Inventory settings.
PvP Rating -- Competitive
Crew Capacity -- 1-3
Block Count -- 2616
Base Weight -- 2,900,000 kg
Recommended Weight Capacity -- 3,500,000 kg (600,000 kg)
Pcu -- 46949

Control Stations
Command Seats (Cockpits) -- 3(2)
Remote Controls -- 1
Antennas/Beacons/Laser -- 1/1/2

Rocket Launchers -- 9
Gatling/Missile Turrets -- 8/8
Interior Turrets -- 2
Decoys -- 12

Cargo Space/Fuel Capacity
Cargo Containers: Large/Small -- 1/7
Oxygen Tanks -- 2
Hydrogen Tanks: Large -- 12

Assemblers (Speed) -- 2(0)
Basic Refineries -- 1
O2/H2 Generators -- 4
Ore Detectors -- 1
Welders -- 132
Projectors -- 2
Connectors -- 4

Speed and Turning -- High/Very High
Hydrogen Thrust: Large/Small -- 8/87
Atmospheric Thrust: Large/Small -- 11/16
Environment Rating -- All Environments
Gyroscopes -- 42
Landing Gears -- 2
Parachutes -- 6

Jump System
Range -- 3500 km
Jump Drives -- 4

Power Structure
Reactors: Large/Small -- 1/6
Batteries -- 12

Survival Kits -- 1
Cryo Pods -- 2
Gravity Generators: Standard/Spherical -- 1/4
Entrances: Atmospheric -- 4


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