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Warhawk Mk. VII [Highwind Frigate] for Space Engineers

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The Warhawk Mk. VII is a Hawk-Class Frigate

The Warhawk has an oxygen system, complete base functionality, a long-range jump drive, a battle-repair welder and projector system, an economy system, an advanced decoy system, the ability to exit and re-enter planets with it's hydrogen thrusters, and the ability to safely land on planet surfaces when there is enough space.
Survival ready, no mods or scripts are required.

Controls have been updated and are now working on Xbox.

October Revision
- Because of the introduction of the Warswift Corvette, the fleet has undergone a significant revision. The Warhawk is now a Frigate instead of a Fleet Corvette.

The PC Edition from Steam can be found here:
Warhawk Mk. VII [Highwind Frigate]

Fleet Manual and Pilot Manual here:
Highwind Warfleet Collection - Guide


After the recent commision of the new Warcrow class warship, and the lack of a destroyer vessel in the fleet, the Warhawk has been completely refitted to serve a new role as a destroyer. This decision was undone once the Warspear was officially classified as the new destroyer, thus the Warhawk now serves as the preferred commanding corvette of a wolfpack. Equipped with a new jump-drive system, the Warhawk has gained a dramatic increase to it's warp range. This new system has given the vessel a new role as a exploration ship in addition to it's current duties, making it a much more popular choice among potential captains.

The Corvettes and Frigates of the Warfleet are completely self-dependent and have much greater range than their cheaper hydrogen-based counterparts. They are designed to fight in wolf-packs against potentially stronger targets, with a Fleet Corvette or Frigate's Captain taking command. They are also a good choice for defending low-priority stations and other objectives.

The Warhawk is armed with 4 missile turrets and 8 gatling turrets. The standard tactics of Highwind warships is a topside barrage with all missile turrets by keeping the top of the ship facing the target. The Mk. V variant of the Warhawk is a complete refit of the ship, giving it all the capabilities of even the most advanced ships of the fleet, short of a hangar bay. The Mk. VI variant improves the ship's design even further, adding a battle-repair welder system that dramatically improves the ships performance in combat. A new armored decoy system was also added to the tips of the wings that can draw enemy fire away from the ship's hull.

The Mk. VII variant of the Warhawk is a complete modernization of the interior, adding a much more livable environment to the ship. It's also a dramatic redesign of the welder systems, greatly improving the ship's battle performance in survival conditions. The ship also receives a modernized self-welding decoy system which improves it's battle endurance even further. Hydrogen fuel and thrust is recommended for the Warhawk to operate in planetary environments, however it can operate on any planet without hydrogen if needed.


This blueprint has a cargo loadout for Realistic Inventory settings.
PvP Rating -- Casual
Crew Capacity -- 1-3
Block Count -- 2537
Base Weight -- 3,600,000 kg
Recommended Weight Capacity -- 4,350,000 kg (750,000 kg)
Pcu -- 35079

Control Stations
Command Seats (Battle Bridges) -- 3(1)
Remote Controls -- 1
Antennas/Beacons/Laser -- 1/1/2

Rocket Launchers -- 8
Gatling/Missile Turrets -- 8/4
Interior Turrets -- 3
Decoys -- 12

Cargo Space/Fuel Capacity
Cargo Containers: Large/Small -- 1/11
Oxygen Tanks -- 2
Hydrogen Tanks: Large -- 6

Assemblers (Speed) -- 2(2)
Refineries (Speed)(Yield) -- 1(1)(3)
O2/H2 Generators -- 3
Welders -- 56
Projectors -- 2
Connectors -- 4

Speed and Turning -- High
Hydrogen Thrust: Large/Small -- 6/18
Atmospheric Thrust: Large/Small -- 8/42
Ion Thrust: Large/Small -- 9/34
Environment Rating -- All Environments
Gyroscopes -- 40
Landing Gears -- 2
Parachutes -- 2

Jump System
Range -- 3500 km
Jump Drives -- 5

Power Structure
Reactors: Small -- 32
Batteries: Standard -- 20

Medical Rooms -- 1
Cryo Pods -- 3
Gravity Generators: Standard/Spherical -- 1/1
Stores/Contractors/Atms -- 1/1/1
Entrances: Airlock/Atmospheric -- 3/2


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Yea they are all ready for survival.