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Warfalcon Mk. VII [Highwind Battlecruiser] for Space Engineers

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The Warfalcon Mk. VII is a Falcon-Class Battlecruiser

The Warfalcon has an oxygen system, complete base functionality, a jump drive, a self-repair projector system, an advanced decoy system, a trade center, the ability to exit and re-enter planets with it's hydrogen thrusters, and the ability to safely land on planet surfaces when there is enough space. The standard fighter setup for the Warfalcon is 4 Fighers or 2 Strike Fighters in its hangar bay.
Survival ready, no mods or scripts are required.

Controls have been updated and are now working on Xbox.

October Revision
- Because of the introduction of the Warswift Corvette, the fleet has undergone a significant revision. The Warfalcon is now a Battlecruiser instead of a Cruiser.

The PC Edition from Steam can be found here:
Warfalcon Mk. VII [Highwind Battlecruiser]

Fleet Manual and Pilot Manual here:
Highwind Warfleet Collection - Guide


The Warfalcon is the flagship vessel of the Highwind warfleet. The cruiser is the most reliable ship in the fleet, being equipped with the best technology as well as having room for small ships in it's hangar bay. The new Warfalcon variant has been completely refitted, adding a new interior to the ship, as well as receiving much better maneuverability in atmosphere.

The Cruisers and Battlecruisers of Highwind are the standard-bearers of the fleet, and are the spearheads for the most important Battle Operations. These ships are capable of fighting a target one-on-one, and with their combined heavy armament, thick armor, and high mobility, they are considered to be the most reliable ships in the fleet. They cost a steep price to get into a map, so they are mostly recommended for late-game.

The Warfalcon is armed with 14 missile turrets and 16 gattling turrets. The standard tactics of the Warfalcon is a topside barrage with all it's missile turrets by keeping the top of the ship facing the target. The Mk. VI variant adds new battle technology that vastly improves the Warfalcon's combat performance. A new welder system increases the survivability of each turret, while a new armored decoy system draws away fire from the ship's hull.

The Mk. VII variant of the Warfalcon dramatically upgrades the armament of the cruiser, making it vastly superior to the Wareagle frigate rather than being weaker. It's also a complete modernization of the interior, adding a much more livable environment to the ship. As well, there is also a dramatic redesign of the welder systems, greatly improving the ship's battle performance in survival conditions. The ship also receives a modernized self-welding decoy system which improves it's battle endurance even further. Hydrogen fuel and thrust is recommended for the Warfalcon to operate in planetary environments, however it can operate on any planet without hydrogen if needed.

The Mk. VI Wartalon Strike Fighter can be carried by the Warfalcon, which can fit two of these strike fighters in it's hangar.
Wartalon Mk. VI [Highwind Strike Fighter] (Steam Edition)

The Mk. II Warclaw Fighter can be carried by the Warfalcon, which can fit four of these fighters in it's hangar.
Warclaw Mk. II [Highwind Fighter] (Steam Edition)


This blueprint has a cargo loadout for Realistic Inventory settings.
PvP Rating -- Semi-Competitive
Crew Capacity -- 1-9
Block Count -- 6548
Base Weight -- 7,700,000 kg
Recommended Weight Capacity -- 9,000,000 kg (1,300,000 kg)
Pcu -- 92112

Control Stations
Command Seats (Battle Bridges) -- 10(2)
Remote Controls -- 1
Antennas/Beacons/Laser -- 3/1/2

Rocket Launchers -- 12
Gatling/Missile Turrets -- 16/14
Interior Turrets -- 15
Decoys -- 16

Cargo Space/Fuel Capacity
Cargo Containers: Large/Small -- 2/17
Oxygen Tanks -- 4
Hydrogen Tanks: Large -- 16

Assemblers (Speed) -- 1(3)/2(2)
Refineries (Speed)(Yield) -- 1(1)(3)
O2/H2 Generators -- 7
Ore Detectors -- 1
Welders -- 194
Projectors -- 2
Connectors -- 8

Speed and Turning -- High
Hydrogen Thrust: Large/Small -- 14/64
Atmospheric Thrust: Large/Small -- 18/36
Ion Thrust: Large/Small -- 15/124
Environment Rating -- All Environments
Gyroscopes -- 80
Landing Gears -- 2
Parachutes -- 6

Jump System
Range -- 2900 km
Jump Drives -- 9

Power Structure
Reactors: Large/Small -- 2/10
Batteries: Standard -- 20

Survival Kits/Medical Rooms -- 1/1
Cryo Pods -- 9
Gravity Generators: Standard/Spherical -- 1/3
Stores/Contractors/Atms -- 1/1/2
Entrances: Airlock/Atmospheric -- 7/4
Hangar Bays -- 1


Warcall Mk. V [Highwind Courier]
Warclaw Mk. II [Highwind Fighter]
Wareagle Mk. V [Highwind Cruiser]
Warmaul Mk. II [Highwind Destroyer]
Warshield Mk. V [Highwind Dreadnought]
Warswift Mk. V [Highwind Gunship]
Wartalon Mk. VI [Highwind Strike Fighter]






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NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Magnificent beast !
I really like the design, you can feel the experience of PVP combat and the conservation of an aesthetic.
I really love the general style of your fleet and your paint job.
The interior is excellent, the lighting is perfect and the layout consistent, the brig ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป.
Everything is recharged and works great, tested in space survival. The update of the controller shortcuts is very welcome!

FreezinRonnies @freezinronnies

The turrets will not engage drones it destroys metors just fine ( i have target smol and lorge grid on)

Pathagarus @pathagarus

Make sure you have the ship's ownership settings set correctly.

OJABY @ojaby

I subscribed now what do I do

Pathagarus @pathagarus

RB + B to open the blueprint screen and RT to paste it in.

IcarrusGrimm @icarrusgrimm

Unfortunately, after reinstalling it twice, i still couldnt get it to work. I'm wondering if it's the conversion from pc files to xbox files

Pathagarus @pathagarus

You may need to go to the devs with the problem then as I don't know what the problem could be, sorry.

Pathagarus @pathagarus

@IcarrusGrimm when I first uploaded the blueprint I uploaded it incorrectly, so you may have the outdated version downloaded. Try re-downloading the file or re-subscribing to the blueprint. I recently tried the ship myself and everything is working fine, so that's the only thing I can think of.

IcarrusGrimm @icarrusgrimm

I can't seem to get this to work on xbox. The game keeps saying it can't find the blueprint file. It's the only one of the highwind ships i can't get to work