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Warcall Mk. V [Highwind Courier] for Space Engineers

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The Warcall Mk. V is a Hawk-Class Courier

The Warcall has an oxygen system, partial base functionality, a long-range jump drive system, a battle-repair welder and projector system, an advanced decoy system, and the ability to safely land in lunar environments when there is enough space and the cargo hold is empty.
Survival ready, no mods or scripts are required.

The PC Edition from Steam can be found here:
Warcall Mk. V [Highwind Courier]

Fleet Manual and Pilot Manual here:
Highwind Warfleet Collection - Guide


The Warcall is a specialized warship that doubles as a support ship. Built from the Warhawk's chassis, the Warcall is a long-range jump ship that can greatly extend the range of warfleets as well as transport cargo across entire solar systems in a single jump. Due to the high number of jump drives, the Warcall is among the most expensive ships in the warfleet, requiring even more gold to construct than a Dreadnought, thus it's only recommended for late-game.

Couriers are equipped with an advanced jump drive system, and are capable of extending the jump range of multiple large ships at once. They also carry considerable armament for self-defence, and can even assist in battle if necessary. Most Couriers are only designed to operate in space as their primary role is to act as jump ships for the warfleet.

The Warcall is armed with 10 gatling turrets, 4 missile turrets, and 4 rocket launchers. The standard tactics of Highwind warships is a topside barrage with all turrets by keeping the top of the ship facing the target. The Warcall's armament is meant primarily for self-defence, as constructing a Warcall can be incredibly expensive and so it's not recommended for combat. The Warcall can only operate in space, however it has limited functionality in lunar environments when not carrying cargo.


This blueprint has a cargo loadout for Realistic Inventory settings.
PvP Rating -- Defensive/Utility
Crew Capacity -- 1-3
Block Count -- 1714
Base Weight -- 3,000,000 kg
Recommended Weight Capacity -- 4,000,000 kg +
Pcu -- 25874

Control Stations
Command Seats (Cockpits) -- 3(1)
Remote Controls -- 1
Antennas/Beacons/Laser -- 1/1/2

Rocket Launchers -- 4
Gatling/Missile Turrets -- 10/4
Decoys -- 16

Cargo Space/Fuel Capacity
Cargo Containers: Large/Small -- 2/2
Oxygen Tanks -- 1

Assemblers (Speed) -- 1(0)
Basic Refineries -- 1
O2/H2 Generators -- 1
Ore Detectors -- 2
Welders -- 25
Projectors -- 1
Connectors -- 2

Speed and Turning -- Low
Ion Thrust: Large/Small -- 5/114
Environment Rating -- Space/Lunar (Limited)
Gyroscopes -- 20
Landing Gears -- 8

Jump System
Range -- 28,000 km
Jump Drives -- 34

Power Structure
Reactors: Large -- 2
Batteries -- 46

Survival Kits -- 1
Cryo Pods -- 1
Gravity Generators: Standard -- 1
Entrances: Airlock/Atmospheric -- 3/1


Warfalcon Mk. VII [Highwind Battlecruiser]
Warhawk Mk. VII [Highwind Frigate]





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NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Really nice ship ! I love the structural design of your fleet.
Tested in survival and everything works well ! I've made the longest space jump in my SE life, more than 24k km !
The protected and hidded cokpit is a really smart feature.
Higly manuverable !