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Warblade Mk. IV [Highwind Interceptor] for Space Engineers

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The Warblade Mk. IV is a Blade-Class Interceptor

The Warblade has an oxygen system, partial base functionality, a jump drive system, a battle-repair welder and projector system, the ability to exit and re-enter planets, and the ability to safely land on planet surfaces when there is enough space.
Survival ready, no mods or scripts are required.

Controls have been updated and are now working on Xbox.

The PC Edition from Steam can be found here:
Warblade Mk. IV [Highwind Interceptor]

Fleet Manual and Pilot Manual here:
Highwind Warfleet Collection - Guide


The Warblade is armed with 6 missile turrets on it's sides. The standard tactics of the Warblade is a topside barrage with all it's turrets by keeping the top of the ship facing the target. Light Vessels of the Highwind Fleet sacrifice range for speed, and are designed to outmaneuver enemy fire, while flying circles around their targets.

Interceptors and Corsairs are the first line of offence for the Highwind Warfleet. They are designed to be the quickest larger ships in the fleet and are most effective when assisting stronger and better armored ships, as they are often the softer target. These ships will usually be dependent on hydrogen fuel as they are designed to be the cheapest ships to produce. They are the best ships to start with in a survival server, as they can function on just their battery power alone.

The Warblade is a support ship designed to accompany larger ships into battle and provide auxiliary fire. Relying on purely hydrogen thrust, the Warblade is among the fastest ships in the fleet, able to encircle its enemies and pummel them to death, while dodging their fire and avoiding damage. Being a light vessel, the Warblade sacrifices both armor and range for it's speed, making it weaker compared to other vessels in the fleet. As well, the reliance on only ice for fuel greatly limits the Warblade's operational range, making it require a functional base of operations that can provide a consistent supply of hydrogen.

The Warblade is the lightest vessel of the Highwind Fleet, and is designed to be easily mass produced. The Mk. III variant of the Warblade adds jump capability to the ship, increasing its operational range and independence from the fleet. This changes the purpose of the ship from support fire to a patrol craft. The Mk. IV variant adds more reliability to the ship, upgrading it from an expendable mass produced ship to a dependable support craft that has become well recognized among the warfleet. This change has prompted fleet command to reclassify the vessel to an Interceptor. The Warblade can operate in all planetary environments, however it is fully dependent on hydrogen to maneuver.


This blueprint has a cargo loadout for Realistic Inventory settings.
PvP Rating -- Casual
Crew Capacity -- 1
Block Count -- 626
Base Weight -- 550,000 kg
Recommended Weight Capacity -- 750,000 kg (100,000 kg)
Pcu -- 12327

Control Stations
Command Seats (Cockpits) -- 3(1)
Remote Controls -- 1
Antennas/Beacons -- 1/1

Rocket Launchers -- 4
Missile Turrets -- 6
Decoys -- 2

Cargo Space/Fuel Capacity
Cargo Containers: Small -- 8
Oxygen Tanks -- 1
Hydrogen Tanks: Large/Small -- 2/6

Assemblers (Speed) -- 1(0)
Basic Refineries -- 1
O2/H2 Generators -- 2
Ore Detectors -- 1
Welders -- 15
Projectors -- 1
Connectors -- 2

Speed and Turning -- Very High
Hydrogen Thrust: Large/Small -- 2/42
Environment Rating -- All Environments
Gyroscopes -- 6
Landing Gears -- 1
Parachutes -- 2

Jump System
Range -- 2000 km
Jump Drives -- 1

Power Structure
Reactors: Small -- 2
Batteries: Standard -- 2

Survival Kits -- 1
Cryo Pods -- 1
Gravity Generators: Standard -- 1
Entrances: Airlock -- 1


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