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V.M.E Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle for Space Engineers

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The Valkyrja M&E G.MS-LARV-1 Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle is a one-seated 4x4 military scout car, designed for short-range patrols and observation-tasks. It is armed with a single 25mm gatling turret, providing the vehicle with basic point-defense and limited capabilities for direct-fire support.

This item is survival-ready! It is fully conveyed, thruster-damage compatible and uses no mods or subgrids.

Attention: This vehicle is not intended to be docked at a base and has to be fueled by hand. So yes, I'm aware that the connector-placement is not suited for that purpose.

Even though the vehicle remains controlable on high speed, I strongly recommend not operating it above 50 m/s in a survival-game. Otherweise, the car might lose wheels or randomly explode for no apparent reason. Clang acts in mysterious ways.


Blocks: 217
Non-armor blocks: 100
PCU: 2,670
Triangles: 394,718
Grid mass: 25,718 kg


Ran out of power? Activate Jumpstart-Batteries on Toolbar 4, to reinitiate fuel-production through the generator. Make sure, you have ice ready!

Toolbar 1
1 - Cockpit: Handbrake on/off
2 - blank
3 - Group: Hydrogen Boost Thrusters - Toggle on/off
4 - blank
5 - Group: Parachutes open/close
6 - Group: Gyroscopes - Override on/off - activate if vehicle flipped over
7 - Group: Hydrogen Engines - Toggle on/off
8 - Group: Hydrogen Tanks - Stockpile on/off
9 - Group: Batteries - Recharge on/off

Toolbar 2
1 - Gatling Turret - Toggle on/off
2 - Gatling Turret - Control
3 - blank
4 - O2/H2-Generator - Toggle on/off
5 - Connector left - Switch lock
6 - Connector right - Switch lock
7 - Ore Detector - Toggle on/off
8 - Antenna - Toggle on/off
9 - Group: Lights - Toggle on/off

Toolbar 3
Wheel adjustments


The LARV-1 is four-wheeled with an AWD system that is calibrated to handle difficult terrain. Under optimized conditions, the car is safe to reach a top-speed up to 240 km/h, but has to be handled with care, since the high ground-clearance results in a raised center of mass. Wheel-settings can be adjusted from the vehicles cockpit to further adapt it to the area of operation.
Additionally the LARV-1 is equipped with two hydrogen-boosters, that are connected directly to the fuel-system. The boosters provide severe acceleration and can push the vehicle upwards steep hills, but should be used with caution since fuel is limited.

The vehicle is driven by two four-zylinder hydrogen-engines and comes with a ten-pack battery-system to store additional power. Two Jumpstart-batteries remain on standby, in case the vehicle shuts down automaticly when power runs out. An integrated o2/h2-generator enables the vehicle to produce its own fuel if required. Additional four small hydrogen tanks extend the fuel capacities up to a maximum of 60.000L.

Primary mission equipment is an antenna and an ore detector, allowing the vehicle to broadcast signals, ore-deposits and other points of interest directly towards other friendly units and its FOB. The integrated camera of the topside turret provides the vehicle-operator with a 360° zoomable overview.

Armament-wise the LARV-1 carries a single 25mm-gatling-turret on top of the vehicle, serving as point defense and direct-fire support. The cockpit-area was reinforced with a layer of heavier armor, but will not make this vehicle suitable for close combat scenarios.

Two connectors serve both as direct access to the vehicles internal components and as hardpoints to dock various equipment to. The LARV can carry a variaty of modules to extend its operational range or even to set up a whole new FOB.


Items in Screenshots

  • Example of usage: Helios C-30 Flash by Major Jon

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  • Edge Be Gone! (Cleaner Armor No Edges) by Whiplash141
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