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V.M.E ACR-8 Armoured Ground Combat Vehicle for Space Engineers

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The ACR-8 Armoured Ground Combat Vehicle by Valkyrja - Maintenance & Engineering is an eight-wheel combat-rover, based on the frame of the Armoured Risk Control Vehicle and is part of the "Armoured Combat Rover"-series.

While the ACR-6 was designed as a security measure for colonies on hostile worlds as well as a simple APC for law enforcement-duties, this upgraded Rover aims straight towards the military market. Trading its transport-capacities for additional protection, the ACR-8 neither fits the definition of an Infantry fighting vehicle, nor does it have the tracks and exesive firepower of a battletank. However, the vehicle provides a good mix of protection, firepower and maneuverability as well as being easy to modify.

The frame grew in length and recived an additional set of wheels, to compensate the extra-weight of the significantly beefed up cockpit. Not only does this keep the wheel-base short, but the ACR-8 is also capable to cover rough terrain and new developments in wheel-stability allow the vehicle to reach high speeds while still being controlable.

The interior was rerouted in order to fit a large conveyor-junction in the center. This way the ACR-8 is capable to connect a missile-turret to the network, while its predecessor was limited to gatling-turrets only. The ACR-8 can easily be refitted with a gatling or even a costum rotor-turret.

This item is survival-ready and all vanilla! It is fully conveyor-linked, thruster-damage compatible and uses no mods, DLC-blocks or subgrids.


Blocks: 269
Non-armor blocks: 115
PCU: 2,753
Triangles: 382,363
Grid mass: 30,196 kg


Toolbar 1

1 - Cockpit: Handbrake on/off
2 - Weapon: Turret - Toggle on/off
3 - Weapon: Turret - Control
4 - Hydrogen Boost Thruster - Toggle on/off
5 - Gyroscope - Override on/off - activate if vehicle flipped over
6 - Hydrogen Engine - Toggle on/off
7 - Group: Hydrogen Tanks - Stockpile on/off
8 - Battery - Recharge on/off
9 - Connector - Switch lock

Toolbar 2

1 - Forward Camera - view
2 - Reverse Camera - view
3 - Group: All Lights - Toggle on/off
4 - Antenna - Toggle on/off
5 - O2/H2 Generator - Toggle on/off
6 - Air vent - Toggle on/off
7 - Jumpstart Battery - Recharge on/off
8 - Hinge: Tow hitch - Attach
9 - Hinge: Tow hitch - Detach

Toolbar 3 - Wheel Settings

1 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Add Wheel
2 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Increase Power
3 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Decrease Power
4 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Increase Strength
5 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Decrease Strength
6 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Increase Friction
7 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Decrease Friction
8 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Increase Speed Limit
9 - Group: Wheel Suspensions - Decrease Speed Limit


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