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Valkyrie Airborne Assault Dropship for Space Engineers

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Valkyrie Airborne Assault Dropship
The Valkyrie is a heavily armed VTOL dropship used by the Astra Militarum
as a support gunship and a troop transport, and the crew is normally pilots
drawn from the Aeronautica Imperialis. The Valkyrie has a twin engine making
it fast and manoeuvrable, which paired with it's durable armour, makes it a
popular choice in multiple battlefield roles. With it's advanced technologies,
comparable to technology found in Adeptus Astartes vehicles,the Valkyrie's
production is limited to forge worlds such as: Mars and Voss.

Type: Assault Carrier
Armament: 2 Wing mounted rocket pods, 2 Door mounted gatling guns, 1 fixed gatling gun
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Length:18.5 Metres|Ingame:23.4 Meters
Wingspan:16.9 Metres|Ingame 17.1 Meters
Height:4.8 Metres|Ingame 5.2 Meters

Ingame Info
This isn't anywhere near survival ready sadly
Although the Valkyrie is strictly an atmospheric dropship in 40K we decided
to make it space capable as well however directional thrust in space is limited.
If you want to turn in the valkyrie it is best done by banking in atmosphere and
holding space (at least that's what we do) due to limitations stoping thrust isn't great unless
paired with underside thrusters. It has a listing problem if it is idle while not locked to the
ground due to the rotor door and the door guns are controled in the Gunners cockpit via remote control
(so they can be controlled via the passenger seats in the troop bay) however the door guns can't
look up and down however they can look side to side using the reverse function and locked
(already set up in he toolbar).

Pilot Cockpit:
[2]:Mounted Gatling- shoot on/off
[3]:Rear door- Rotor lock on/off
[4]:Rear door- Rotor reverse
[5]:Hydrogen Thrusters- on/off
[6]:Atmospheric Thruster- on/off
[7&8]:Foward facing cameras (in different positions)
[9]:Troop bay camera

Gunner Cockpit:
[1]:Door gun left
[2]:Door gun right
[4]:Mounted Gatling- shoot on/off
[7]:Rear door- Rotor lock on/off
[8]:Rear door- Rotor reverse
[9]:Troop bay camera

Both Door guns:
[2]:Gatlings- shoot on/off
[3]:Rotor reverse
[4]:Rotor lock on/off




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