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V-400 Saratoga Class Super Heavy Dropship for Space Engineers

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Published by WolfGamer6172 (mod ID: 1907228)




Massive Dropship for transporting combat vehicles, utility vehicles, troops and supplies anywhere.

Can fly and hover in any environment or planet.
Can carry whole combat platoons.
Can carry up to 4 ground or air vehicles of various sizes and their crews.
DISPLACEMENT: 6,603,976 kg
PCU: 48,672
BLOCKS: 5,301

No SubGrid
No Mods


Secure and lock any subgrids (Rotors and hinges on custom turrets) on your small grid vehicles, engage handbrakes and ensure vehicle bay magplates are engaged and secured BEFORE flight.

If under load, best method to leave a planet is to lift directly up while maintaining horizontal until you clear the gravity well. (DO NOT pitch up during ascent)

2x Assemblers
1x Refineries with Modules
9x Small Warfare Reactors
2x Hydrogen Engines
45x Warfare Batteries
4x O2/H2 Generators
3x Jump Drives: Theoretical Jump Range 1,000 km
2x Med Bay
44x CryoChambers (divided into 2 cryo rooms)
Hydrogen Capacity:330,000,000L

1x Repair Projector
4x Large Hangar for small grid ships/rovers
1x Gravity Generator

Welder Repair systems for turrets and essential systems
14x Gatling Turrets
6x Forward Rocket Launchers
9x Assault Cannon Turrets

Port and Starboard Docking Airlock.
Bridge Airlock.
Living Quarter for awake crew

Cargo Room:
1x Large Industrial Cargo Container
8x Small Cargo Container


The V-400 Saratoga Heavy Dropship is a dedicated troop transport and landing ship of the Free Citizens Republic Navy. The workhorse of the Strategic Air and Space Logistics Command, The V-400 can transport a wide variety of vehicles to and from any planet surface and even make interstellar jumps with a full load. In addition, they can also carry over a platoon worth of troops in cryo-stasis, waking them only upon reaching destination. As such, there's a full medical suite at the front and aft of the ship.

The Saratoga is equipped with Assault Cannons, Rockets and Gatling guns as well as strategically placed heavy armour in order to support the deployment of combat vehicles.

Alternatively, because the newer generation of ♥♥♥ Army and Marines vehicles can be airdropped: the Saratoga can deploy these assets while still airborne, if needed.

CONTROLS (From the Helm)

Tab 1- Flight Operations
1- Forward View Camera
2- Forward Rocket Array
3- Ship Landing Gears Lock Toggle
4- Small Hydrogen Thrusters Toggle
5- Large Hydrogen Thrusters Toggle
6- Ion Thrusters Toggle
7- Assault Cannon Turrets Toggle
8- Gatling Turrets Toggle
9- Jump (set distance and coordinates in the menu first, otherwise it's set to blind jump at max distance)

Tab 2- Power and Engineering Systems
1- Batteries set to Auto
2- Batteries set to Discharge
3- Batteries set to Recharge
4- Reactors Toggle
5- Hydrogen Engines Toggle
6- N/A
7- N/A
8- Welder Repair System Toggle
9- Projector Repair Toggle

Tab 3- Docking Operations
1- Port Docking Camera View
2- Port Docking Connector Lock Switch
3- Port Docking Connector Toggle
4- Starboard Docking Camera View
5- Starboard Docking Connector Lock Switch
6- Starboard Docking Connector Toggle
7- Laser Antenna 1 Toggle
8- Laser Antenna 2 Toggle
9- Radio Antenna Toggle

Tab 3- Ops and Resourcing Operations
1- Ore Detector Toggle
2- Refinery Toggle
3- Assemblers Toggle
4- O2/H2 Generators Toggle
5- Searchlight Toggle
6- Navigation Lights Toggle
7- N/A
8-Timer Trigger Depressurize/Pressurize Vehicle Bay
9- Timer Trigger Open/Close all Vehicle Bay Doors




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