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Light Survival Truck for Space Engineers

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The United Worker's Union Light Survival Truck is a simple, easy to build, and survival ready light truck meant to be used after initial pod-based landing, used to carry the parts for a base to their final location. Careful design and selection of features ensures that the driver can confidently tackle rough terrain and find the perfect base location.

Features include:

* Six wheels for a stable, smooth ride through rough terrain, with power to climb hills even while loaded.
* Scrape-free design ensures that the driver can confidently climb or reverse over 22.5 degree (2x1) ramps into bases and ships without accidental damage to the cockpit or rear.
* Dual power systems (Hydrogen Engine and Battery) ensure that the truck can run even without connection to a home base for extended periods.
* A beacon and ore detector.
* An air vent to supply the cockpit with oxygen when in toxic or cold but otherwise oxygen-containing atmospheres.
* 2 Passenger Seats to bring comrades with you.
* Survival kit with conveyor access to O2/H2 generator and H2 tank for suit refills and respawns.
* Simple conversion to other models.
* Repair projector to easily fix any damage.

No scripts, DLC, or subgrids are used, and the truck clocks in at a slim 1372 PCU, allowing it to be used on official and restrictive multiplayer servers. To build from a survival pod, grind off the armor blocks on top of the battery, then build a projector as shown (Replace the Rounded Slope block on top of the battery with the on + the projector facing up and the | facing away from the pod) and project the blueprint for this truck. The projector settings will probably be:

Horizonal Offset: 1
Vertical Offset: 6
Forward Offset: 0
Pitch: 0
Yaw: 90
Roll: 0

Build the underside of the chassis and the wheels while it's facing upward, then free the battery and allow the truck to fall onto its wheels before building the rest. A Basic Assembler will be required to construct the steel tubes and other items needed for the truck.

To upgrade the truck to the Light Ore Detection Truck or Light Cargo Truck once your base is established, subscribe to the blueprints on, then set the Repair Projector to the new blueprint and build away! Be sure to follow the directions in the other 2 models to set them up correctly!

Hotbar 1:
1: Handbrake
2: Lights
3: Increase suspension power
4: Decrease suspension power
5: Increase suspension strength
6: Decrease suspension strength
7: Battery recharge mode on/off
9: Backup camera view

Hotbar 2:
(Hit 1, 2 and 3 to go into H2 mode)
1: Battery discharge mode on/off
2: Hydrogen Engine on/off
3: Hydrogen tank stockpile on/off
4: O2/H2 generator on/off
6: Ore detector on/off
7: Beacon on/off
9: Repair projector on/off




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