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Light Ore Detection Truck for Space Engineers

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The United Worker's Union Light Ore Detection Truck is a simple, easy to build, and survival ready light truck meant to be used to find ore and establish mining rigs. Careful design and selection of features ensures that the driver can confidently tackle rough terrain with ease and the ability to mount a large ore detector guarantees supercharged scouting for deposits.

Features include:

* Six wheels for a stable, smooth ride through rough terrain, with power to climb hills even while loaded.
* Scrape-free design ensures that the driver can confidently climb or reverse over 22.5 degree (2x1) ramps into bases and ships without accidental damage to the cockpit or rear.
* Dual power systems (Hydrogen Engine and Battery) ensure that the truck can run even without connection to a home base for extended periods.
* A beacon and small grid ore detector.
* The ability to mount a Large Grid item on the rotor on the back. (Installation must be done manually in Survival mode.)
* An air vent to supply the cockpit with oxygen when in toxic or cold but otherwise oxygen-containing atmospheres.
* 2 Passenger Seats to bring comrades with you.
* Simple conversion to other models.
* Repair projector to easily fix any damage.

No scripts or DLC are used and the truck clocks in at a slim 1363 PCU with a large grid Ore Detector attached, allowing it to be used on official and restrictive multiplayer servers. Once the truck has been completed, follow the steps below to build the ore detector:

1: Use your jetpack or scaffolding to position yourself over the advanced rotor on the rear of the truck.
2: Select an Advanced Rotor Part or Rotor Part, and switch to the Large Grid size.
3: Drop the rotor part into the hole on the rotor on the back of the truck.

Once the rotor part is clipping into the hole of the rotor follow these steps below carefully, making sure to unlock and unshare the inertia tensor of the rotor! If the rotor is not unlocked and the inertia tensor is shared the truck WILL do a flip upon attachment!

1. Enter the cockpit of the truck and open the Control Panel.
2. Turn on "Show Hidden Blocks" (the eye symbol next to the search)
3. Find "LCT Grid Swap Rotor"
4. Uncheck Share Inertia Tensor (if experimental mode is on).
5. Uncheck Rotor Lock.
6. Click attach.
7. Check that the head attached (the word "Attached" should appear on the right of the screen, with a Current Angle measurement). If the head did not attach, it's too far out of alignment, get out and go place it closer to the center of the rotor.
8. If the current angle is not 0 degrees, spin the rotor until it gets to 0 degrees and locks there, then set Velocity back to 0.
9. Check Rotor Lock and Share Inertia Tensor (if experimental mode is on) again.
10. Build a large grid ore detector on the rotor head, with the round part facing back or up relative to the truck. Don't forget to set the range to 150 meters!

To upgrade the truck from the Light Survival Truck, remove the survival kit and large cargo container, then load this blueprint into the truck's Repair Projector and add the required rotor to the back of the truck.

To upgrade the truck to the Light Cargo Truck once you've found ore and your mining rig has been built, subscribe to the blueprint on, then set the Repair Projector to the new blueprint and build away! Be sure to follow the directions to finish the conversion correctly.

Hotbar 1:
1: Handbrake
2: Lights
3: Increase suspension power
4: Decrease suspension power
5: Increase suspension strength
6: Decrease suspension strength
7: Battery recharge mode on/off
9: Backup camera view

Hotbar 2:
(1, 2 and 3 to go into H2 mode)
1: Battery discharge mode on/off
2: Hydrogen Engine on/off
3: Hydrogen tank stockpile on/off
4: O2/H2 generator on/off
6: Small inbuilt ore detector on/off
7: Beacon on/off
9: Repair projector on/off




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