Space Engineers

USS Sulaco (wip) for Space Engineers

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Published by TWETZELv2 (mod ID: 983563)


USS Sulaco (wip)




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CaptainAnnubiss @annubiss1

Nice ship

Captn_Klango @captnklango

I could also ask whoever that was who built that non walking loader from the movie and try to get permission to make it walk and fully function and re release it with this along with a Cheyenne dropship

TWETZELv2 @twetzelv2

Put up a wip cheyenne too. Was putting all this up so i could continue working on them on pc since i have one now. I am interested in attempting to make a xeno mod and been talking to a friend about how to get started with that endeavor. Given that idea is still a pipedream but still i can hope🤷‍♀️

YokingZebra2071 @yokingzebra2071

hey, im thinking of doing the same thing, so i was thinking, can I help you make this ship, it'sa my favorite from the series, i have a mic and ideas, if you have any questions my gamer tag is:
(yeah i know, im not proud of it either)

Captn_Klango @captnklango

Ppppffffff!!!!!!!! Thats hilarious, hey, yall gotta do this build some justice. I myself have been wanting to build a Sulaco. Its by far my favorite aliens movie. I got the ****** 3 1/2 hour James Cameron special edition on blue ray. ***** suspenseful as ****! I want to ask SEmodder4 if either him or anyone he knows can make or has a mod to replace wolves & spiders with xenomorphs