Space Engineers

USS Enterprise NCC 1701 + Red Alert system for Space Engineers

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Published by btaylor00744 (mod ID: 821271)


*Note the alert system timer blocks are as follows: Alert Clear (#1 on Captains chair on bridge (on tab 1) turns off weapons, shields, and repair system) Yellow Alert (#2 on Captians Chair Tab 1 - turns on just phasers and shields Red Alert (#3 on captains chair tab 1 - turns on torpedos, phaser, shields, automated repair system, closes doors, sounds alert klaxon, and turns on the rotating light in the bridge area.) Night mode (#9 on captains chair tab 1) turns on and off lights throughout the ship.




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btaylor00744 @btaylor00744

This version has a red alert system on the captains chair - it activates phasers, torpedos, shields, and the automated repair system - yellow alert just turns on phasers and shields, alert clear turns it all off and night mode turns off lights.

Transporters, shuttlebay, etc all included so if you are on PC allow it to download the mods.