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UNSC Paris-Class Frigate -Retrofit edit- for Space Engineers

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Published by Lokiawa (mod ID: 98207)


This is my retrofit version of the Paris class originally done by FireGuy1996 which was then uploaded on the Mod(dot)io site (here) by Exel.

Original ship name was UNSC Liberty, renamed to UNSC Vazquez FFG-702.

My version of the ship was a work in progress to retrofit the ship for Xbox by removing the internal/external workings of the ship that originally was for PC [ex. The MAC cannon, and drop pod bay] (completed) and "repiping" it for atmosphere and space flight (completed) while at the same time adding aesthetic details to make it look more like the Paris class as seen in the Halo games, the reference was the UNSC Savannah from Reach.
The land vehicle bay has been extended for actual smallish land vehicles to be stored, however the lift/elevator as seen on the Forward Unto Dawn in Halo 3, that I have built is a bit weird thanks to the God awful hitboxes for the Pistons, however the lift can work. Lights has also been reinstalled on the ship.

In total I was able to shave off about 400 blocks, and a little over 500 PCU from the original.

Original: 58367 PCU, 13982 blocks

My edit: 57832 PCU, 13492 blocks




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