Space Engineers

*DEFUNCT* Paris-Class Frigate -edit- for Space Engineers

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Published by Lokiawa (mod ID: 98020)


This is an old early version of my retrofit of the original by FireGuy1996.

For the new/final version of my retrofit, please go to this link:

Will keep this version on here for archives or for those that also would want to slim the build down as I did.




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BloodyMari666 @bloodymari666

What do you mean “retrofit” because it seems like it’s just been copied and pasted from the original on here

Lokiawa @lokiawa

The external is basically the same, yes. But the original's inside were a mess in my opinion, not to mention some PC stuff that is/was on the builds not functional on Xbox, so I "gutted" internal workings as a learning experience as well as to fix work didn't work, ALSO, to make it able to fly in Atmosphere.
This is my draft version of the Retrofit, the proper retrofit is still in progress but as precaution I've been uploading it on here just in case something happens.

Here's the link to the recent version, with some lights.