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Terran Titans - Tactical Warfare Blocks Crossplay for Space Engineers

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Published by DarkXeRoX (mod ID: 2154538)



Pack contains blocks to create custom missiles, The merge blocks have scripts in order to communicate with each other this might cause issues on xbox if used as host. It might work fine if its just hosted on a crossplay server.

This version no longer has the scripts build in to make the guidance blocks work to keep it crossplay compatible

for solo creative building on console you can use the lite version,

Currently in the pack :

- 3 sets of small grid 1x1 missile blocks ( Tomahawk, Hellfire, Rim-7 )
- Small grid Utility blocks to make specialized missile launch platforms ( welder, merge block, connector block, projector and a sensor )
- Small grid hatch for compact missile silos
- 1x1 connector block for compact drone designs

The missiles in the pack all work with lamp/wham missile script:

Planned :

- Large grid utility blocks hatches and missiles
- Torpedos specifically for water mod( sg / lg )
- Submarine blocks and hatches
- Bombs, depth charges and more missiles

Discord for support, suggestions or just general chat about SE stuff

- Tomahawk and Hellfire designs only have an atmo and ion thruster, the Rim-7 set only has a hydro thruster.

- will be adding some ready to print blueprints to get yas started

More detailed guides will be added soon!

- SparkyFox & Chipstix213 : Helping me with blender and issues i came across along the way
- Overwerk & Marc Appledash : Helping me test the mod and throwing some suggestions here n there


If you make a copy of the mod for your own server please have it unlisted and add some credits, if you would like certain things added/changed just give me a poke on discord.





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DarkXeRoX @darkxerox

After some messing about and reverting versions we are back on track with the main branch.

Version 1.0.4

- Added timer blocks for each missile

DarkXeRoX @darkxerox

pushed a small fix for the tomahawk camera facing the wrong way, this however will result in older missiles having the nose cone sitting on its side.

GSCRipstar @gscripstar

PLEASE thank Dark for making this version for us DS Xbox users.