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T.S.A. Gunboat Mk-1 for Space Engineers

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Published by Justinc112 (mod ID: 514848)


from the creators of the Fleet Freighter series of ships brings you the T.S.A. Gunboat Mk-1

this baby purrs with a single hydrogen engine in the core and two tanks to keep er in the air.

able to fly in earth like enviroments and able to leave (given she has been refueled before takeoff)

the design is inteded to counter fighters and give aid to ground troops as needed.

the T.S.A. Gunboat Mk-1 only requires one pilot and is armed with four gattling gun turrets and two foward missile banks to aid in base barrage or to hit larger targets weakpoints.

be warned, she won't hold up to prolonged engaments by her self and may be outgunned and out armored by other larger ships. it can put away careless fighter with ease and take on small drones with little issue but does require hydrogen to function. this can be a positive and a negative, as your uranium can stay with your larger vessals and/or base.

as with everything i do, please leave feedback if you do use this ship, i do like to know if my work helps anyone out there




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