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TITAN II GEMINI for Space Engineers

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Published by DrMCK4Y (mod ID: 1061627)


What's up everyone and welcome back to my builds this build is a 1-1 scale Titan II Gemini Rocket that NASA used in the Gemini Program in the 1960s this rocket is a 2 stage auto launch to zero g unpressurized vehicle.

Step 1: blueprint the build in the ground.

Step 2: enter the rocket through the grate on the capsule.

Step 3: familiarize yourself with the tool bar and when your ready press up to start the launch.

Step 4: hold on till final separation of the capsule from the 2nd stage

Step 4.1: you may need to adjust the timer blocks times on the 1st stage sep and the 2nd stage sep to allow for personal preference.

Step 5: fly around in the Gemini Capsule and when ready head back to planets gravity.

Step 6: separate trunk manually and allow gravity to pull you down.

Step 7: 500 to 100 meters deploy parachutes and slowly descend to the ground.

Step 8: like comment and subscribe.

Built and Made by Dr Mck4y.




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