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The Wurst | Dimension 20: A StarStruck Odyssey for Space Engineers

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Published by ThePantsuGod (mod ID: 1985960)



Hi, Intrepid Heroes! It's a tough galaxy out there and do I have the ship for you. This modified Americadian Space Brigade Mess Freighter, formerly known as "The Red Hot" was infamously captained by Norman "Skipper" Takamori and his crew of misfits. It has all of the amenities a modern Spacer c ould ever need, including: Barry's Big Win Casino, a kitchen, fully stocked with chef's tools, and a room for each of the crew. Perfect for an excursion to Baustin, a cruise around the Martini Nebula, or a fun day at Uncle B.O.B.'s Fantanimal Land. This ship is survival ready, good enough for a "Hot Exit", hardy enough to chase down the evil Big Barry Nyne, and fast enough to outrun those Repo Reapers. Get ready for adventure, 'cause the Wurst is yet to come.

Downloads of this legendary vessel comes with a 50 credit gift certificate to Plug's Butt-Ugly Stuff Hut.


Requires: Economy Deluxe, Frostbite, Sparks of the Future, Decorative 2, Heavy Industry, Wasteland, and Frostbite


Any reposts of this blueprint on or off ****** or the steam page are theft of my design and shall be subsequently reported and removed. Come on guys, you can look up the drawings yourself and make your own, take credit for that, not my hard work.




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ThePantsuGod @thepantsugod

Honestly if I get just one of you to like Dimension 20 or StarStruck from this I don't care how many people Sub to it...