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The TODD - Right for Space Engineers

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(Vanilla | Survival Ready | DLC | 92 blocks | 961 PCU)

Dimensions: (Length/Width/Height) 9 (22.5m) x 7 (17.5m) x 5 (12.5m)
Mass: 32t

(A mirrored version is also available to allow more flexible placement.)

Working in hostile environments, but still want a place to relax, raise your visor, and enjoy a Clang Cola™? Welcome to the TODD, new from the United Workers' Union. This piece of engineering can be easily deployed wherever needed, and has everything that an engineer could want out of a home - a bed, kitchen, bathroom, survival kit, and even cargo access from indoors! Recent advances in technology have even let us equip it with a computer, now small enough to fit in 2.5m³ space! Whether you're mining asteroids or working long days at the launchpad, the TODD is more than ready to take care of you and yours.

Dang, You Live Like This?

Optimized for starting a remote base, this tiny home is cheap and cheerful, ready to keep you safe in a any climate. It can cling to the surface of an asteroid in the vast emptiness of space, protect you if you find yourself in the slimy jungles of the Alien planet, or even just keep you warm on a cold night on Earth. A simple, yet complete variety of amenities are on offer for one or two engineers.


  • Large windows and a skylight provide plenty natural light to illuminate the living quarters during the day. When you're where the sun don't shine, even the electric lights are tuned to feel warm and remind you of home.
  • A fully airtight room with airlock provides a warm, pressurized environment, while a pair of beds and a survival kit provide places to rest and refill.
  • Cargo systems are fully accessible from within the living quarters - no need to go outside to grab tools or other items! A battery is also included to allow the pod to provide backup power in the event of a crash, lightning strike, spider attack, or other unforeseen circumstance that causes main power to be lost.
  • A full kitchen and bathroom provided places to eat and command the pod from your throne, and a fully integrated button panel system lets you assign common commands from the comfort of your quarters. Plenty of seating is provided - eat and drink in comfort!
  • Advances in microcircuit miniaturization mean that computers can fit in only 2.5³! Take advantage of this miracle of modern science that we've equipped your pod with to run basic calculations, determine the velocity of your fixed pod, or even tell you the weather!


Warning: This pod is 2 units wider than it looks, due to the glass and catwalk plates covering the outside occupying the blocks outside the building rather than being inset. Leave extra space when placing.

This pod was designed to be able to be built early in a survival scenario, without the need for advanced components or resources, as a cheap and cheerful starter or disposable shelter. It isn't meant to be a long-term base, but is meant to be constructed from the remaining parts of your starting pod after a power source as well as a basic refinery and assembler are available. A proper power source and any sort of assembler/refinery are explicitly not included in this design, as it is meant to be connected to existing industry and oxygen/hydrogen supplies.

Ideally, the pod will be placed so the bottom and stairs are level with the ground, but it is equipped with a set of feet and extra stairs down to the ground in case that is not possible. An easy way to get the right height is to embed a Large Grid O2/H2 Generator or Basic Refinery frame as far as it will go into the dirt, then build from that, as a block will only go 50% of its height into voxels if otherwise unattached, and both of those are 2 blocks high, leaving one block sticking up. Attempt to rotate the pod (or its mirrored version) so the kitchen window generally faces the area where the sun rises. This allows maximum light to enter the pod during the daytime.

What about DLC?

DLC blocks from both of the Decorative Blocks DLCs are used, as is the offset door from Frostbite. All can be replaced safely with the exception of the beds, as they are integral to the design and kind of the point of the pod instead of just using a cryo tube.


If you're flying, something has gone horribly wrong. Try to leave via the front door or other escape route, then turn on your jetpack and try to survive impact.


This pod is very similar to, and inspired by the work of gar_krol, especially the Modular Habitat MK2.


If you like this building, please rate it! This helps other people find it and lets me know if I'm releasing good content. If you have any feedback, questions, or just want to let me know what you think, leave a comment! I'm always on the lookout for new optimizations to the design, so if you make any modifications that you think would benefit others, post them here so we can all see it.




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GaWdSmAcKjR @gawdsmackjr

Do you plan on making a larger one?

Fairy_Merii @fairy-merii

Not really. I've got a few more that assemble into a full-sized base but I'm not really happy with them for a few reasons:

1. I'm not a fan of posting stuff that uses so much DLC.
2. Once you get more than about 5x5 you start running into terrain challenges unless you built on a perfectly flat open field.
3. It starts to get really close to copying the Modular Habitat I linked above.
4. I just don't have a solid design for the other pods (Storage, refinery, medical, etc.) This one is tested and well-used in my survival games.

It's definitely a good start if you want to try some larger bases on your own though - the theory is that you use a 3 tall pod like this, but you can extend the dimensions in any direction. If you want to shove something 3 tall (like a refinery on its back) into it you have to paper over the floor totally with Catwalk Plate to make it airtight, so it gets annoying fast. You could make it taller if you want too. Tuck stuff into the walls, keep the center mostly open, put big windows over the top, and you've got a solid pod based concept.

Here's an album of one of my other bases that used this concept if you're curious and want to get an idea of how they look when larger:

GaWdSmAcKjR @gawdsmackjr