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Re-Re-Balanced Star Wars Weapons Patched by -KING- for Space Engineers

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(WIP) Re-Re-Balanced Star Wars Weapons - Patched by -KING- all assets owned by Razortron

Reordered menu items that were out of place

Resized ammo magazines to fit within the small grid conveyors limit: 1.5m

Removed server errors that were showing due to missing

Removing duplicates (WIP) and adding back missing guns (Later)

-UPDATE 7/13/22-
Buffed and balanced turbolasers

-UPDATE 5/14/22-
Nerfed area of effect on all these missiles to match closer to vanilla
Reduced PCU of all vanilla weapons to 1 to match these weapons

-UPDATE 5/11/22-
Added Warfare2 targeting mechanics
Increased ammo speeds to help with targeting
Fixed functional/hack line to allow more life in the weapons before they pop
Also increased ranges of vanilla to match these weapons (WIP)

Original Mod that I patched
Original Mod that FlareEK Re-Balanced

This is a temporary placeholder for the future port of the original post by Razortron, he granted direct permission via chat to tweak his mods so I started here first and I will work my way back to the original... SEModder4 also granted permission to get this mod in particular fixed as it is a re-balance of his port from steam... as long as we give him and Razor credit, here it is! Thanks to both of you for paving the way with all the hard work you do and inspiring so many other modders to follow your footsteps!

As this is only a patch I will be ignoring any and all requests to add new guns or ammo that never existed in the original or move things to another modpack as these assets belong to another developer. I cannot make changes to models either as I do not have the blend files. My job here is to only make what is here work a little bit better. Thanks for your understanding.

The Monster-King team (Featuring NiteOwl, aka MTGraves) will be working together in the near future to put back in the missing guns from the original mod as well, part of the condition as requested by SEModder4 :)








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