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Starwars Hangar Fields for Space Engineers

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Published by Kreeg (mod ID: 181632)



This mod, is a replication of my Original Steam Release of Hangar Fields.
This mods provides 5 different Block sizes of a Transparent Material, with optional recolorable Emissive edges, with 2 additional transparent tints options.

The Steam link, to the Original I produced,

These Blocks, will allow you an Air-Tight Seal on your Grids, while allowing you & and your grids to pass through the "fields", granting additional options to Hangars in Space-Engineer Constructs, in Starwars Style.

The Construction costs of these blocks, are the result of community feedback. If you wish to request new blocks, or features for these fields, please visit the steam page version of this mod, that is my primary hub of activity, where I will be the most active, and intend to answer questions there.





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yaelmokarzel117 @yaelmokarzel117

Can you update for small grids please?

FlexicutionzR @flexicutionzr

Hello great mod, anyway get to a longer ones like x10 x25 x50? I’m trying to create a large hanger

SkyCryer @skycryer

Am I the only one who can only see the blocks in the menu when in creative mode? I cannot see them in survival. Playing on Xbox, problem is locally and on dedicated server.

DiRtESnip3r @dirtesnip3r

Is there a youtube video on how this works? Im pretty new to the game so have no clue how to work this

Blywulf @blywulf

This works perfectly! one of my new favorites! well done.

FatalGenius @fatalgenius

How did u get this mod to work?

Blywulf @blywulf

Added the mod to my world’s mod list, didn’t forget to press x, started off not in creative, scrolled over, found the blocks, Placed some on a grid, made the room sealed and added a vent to the room. Really not that hard. They work perfectly.

GlitchFlame @glitchflame

It let air out on the rest of ship, but when a few inches away from you character, it said the air was fine

FatalGenius @fatalgenius

Having trouble getting this mod to work. The blocks themselves appear in game as expected but as much as I try, I cannot get the room to fill with air. R there specific directions I need to follow to get it to seal?

Thunderstorm-IND @xxmrchezitxx

Ugh oh well going to use this in the future

Thunderstorm-IND @xxmrchezitxx

Your kidding, i just uploaded my Corvette 2 days ago...AHHHHHHHH

WattledPear73 @wattledpear73

How do i use mods?

KageDeamon @kagedeamon

I can't seem to get my test box airtight with this. I mean it is almost a solid block of blocks idk what I'm doin wrong. Any ideas?

FatalGenius @fatalgenius

I'm having the same dilemma which is a shame, this mod would be a wonderful and welcome addition to my survival

IbeGoingLavy @ibegoinglavy

The star wars weapons by Razortron? Or the battle cannons and turrets mod

WhiskeryParty10 @whiskeryparty10

This works grand and dose what it needs to really well, my only issue is when you go up to different lenths it will only go up to the longest shild and wont go back down 😢 alittle anoyying if your like me and spam the button 😅

Kreeg @kreeg

Depends on the Starwars Mod', there's mostly a Keen Bug, that hinders multi-Barrel turrets, if they fire bullets, which caused most such guns to be missile-only, which means forced-smoke trails.

IbeGoingLavy @ibegoinglavy

Does Star Wars weapons use any scripts?

IbeGoingLavy @ibegoinglavy

ok, good to know

Kreeg @kreeg

HSR is reliant on Scripts.
I'm looking into a more Xbox-Friendly weapon variant, but yeah a lot of Turrets are script-related.