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Star Trek - SF-110 Gryphon-II Fighter for Space Engineers

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Published by DanBTheMan106 (mod ID: 822331)


*Warning: mods required*

The SF-110 Gryphon Mk. II space superiority fighter is the largest, fastest, and toughest starfighter to come from Dan's Shipyards to date. A custom evolution of the Gryphon-class, a variant of the venerable Valkyrie multi-role fighter first seen in Star Trek: Invasion, the Gryphon-II is built to quickly engage and destroy enemy small craft and provide additional fire support in combat against starships. As such, it's loaded with weaponry (4 main phaser cannons, 4 torpedo launchers, and 10 automated ball turrets) and can survive a bit of a beating in a dogfight. Like it's smaller cousin, the Falcon-II, it's designed to be survival-capable.

To use the Gryphon, you'll need to have the following mods enabled in your world:

•Armor Ramp Compendium

•Star Wars Weapons (2020 Update)

•Azimuth Power Pack and Flat Overhaul Thrusters

•Tiered Thermal Thrusters

•Jump Drives Mod Pack

•1000% Gyroscopes (optional)

•No More Block Edges (optional)

•A speed mod of your choice (optional)

The Gryphon-II is the second addition to my STO/TNG small craft lineup, and, like the Falcon, is connected to a much larger project (I'm sure you can tell what it is now ๐Ÿ˜) that's well into development. Plus, I'd like to thank Auctor Lucan over at the Star Trek Theurgy fan project, as his artwork served as partial inspiration for this build. Stay tuned for more updates, folks!

*Note: I do not hold any ownership stake in the Star Trek IP or any associated works. All of my builds are simply done for the sake of fun. No copywrite infringement or otherwise is intended.




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