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Star Trek - Romulan T'Liss Bird of Prey for Space Engineers

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Published by DanBTheMan106 (mod ID: 594327)


Jolan tru, engineers. Dan's Shipyards is pleased to present the T'Liss-class frigate, the iconic TOS-era ship of the Romulan Star Empire. This ship has a complete interior with 3 decks, and is fully set up for use in survival mode (a first for me). She makes use of both ion and hydrogen thruster units (NOTE: THRUSTER DAMAGE MUST BE TURNED OFF), and comes with a supply of fuel for the hydrogen system (which can be refueled via a connector on the underside). And yes, I painted the signature Raptor on the underbelly. There are also two single-shuttle hanger bays, accessible by the doors on the top side. All in all, this ship comes with:

-4 crew quarters

-2 small armories

-1 engineering room

-6 small nuclear reactors (pre-fueled) with conveyors and attatched cargo containers

-auxilliary batteries (hidden away)

-complete sickbay

-full life support system

-2 shuttlebays

-8 minigun turrets with conveyors to attached ammo storage (pre-filled)

-1 forward missle launcher with conveyors to ammo storage (pre-filled)

-1 assembler and basic refinery

You will need certain DLC packs to properly spawn the ship with its added internal details. Also, it's only 23k PCU, so it's perfect for those who don't have much room to work with. If you've ever wanted to command your own T'Liss, here's the perfect vessel for you! Good luck, Commander!




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