Space Engineers

SS-Class Swift Shark Mk. 1 for Space Engineers

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Published by StrawShadow568 (mod ID: 137815)


This puppy is ready to go. Fully loaded (upon creative drop off) for survival, the Swift shark is a beast. The smaller sibling of the Schwifty shark (see my page) this ship comes with much more features ready for your journey or for your war. She has an indoor sign system to help you get around, all seats are wired up to certain functions along with multiple control panels for ease. All lights and thrusters are able to turn on and off separately.

-Med bay

-Cryo Bay/Disco

-2 small Storage Bays

-Piped up and survival ready

-Airtight with lots of storage

-Mix and match main and internal hydrogen and ion thrusts (LOTS of hydrogen storage)

-Emergency lights and sound warning system

-Automatic weld and drop of bombs in bomb bay. Drops 2 bombs with a total of 4 warheads (must close Doors to reload. Bomb part storage included)

-Loaded missile bay with storage, doors, and camera

-Dual level hanger bay for storage of 2-4 small ships

-Solar recharging availability with defensive doors to cover them

-Decoy Deploy pod on nose of the ship to distract enemies from missile bay (pod can shoot off front of ship at enemies to distract and do small ramming damage)

-Multiple Jump Drives and a Skip drive(small jump)

-Central Bridge/War room for maximum protection while operating

- Crew Quarters (T.V., beds, kitchen, bathroom, shower, Storage, etc.)

(THIS SHIP IS NOT COMPLETE! It is airtight and safe but there are some hollow spots on the ship. Sadly there was not enough PCU to finish all the rooms available with the space. The future will bring more rooms, a exterior bridge section, a rail gun through the center mass which is currently for show, more auto turrets, possibly windowed decks, private rooms, etc.) Thank you for trying this monster out! He took time to build. Please leave any questions/concerns in the comments, I appreciate it. I built this in conjunction with my brother (Tag:creedboi) and we promise it will not disappoint!




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