Space Engineers

SPRT Sector Control Station for Space Engineers

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Published by POPINxxCAPS (mod ID: 596097)


The "SPRT Sector Control Station" is a modified blueprint of the "Sector Control Station" popular on steam.

Experimental Mode = Not Required!

It was modified to be under 30k blocks and under 90k PCU. This blueprint was originally 39k blocks and 135k PCU. Modified and converted by POPINxxCAPS.

Paste into your world, convert all block ownership to "Space Pirates" and you're done! If you would like to add more drones simply rename some of the spare antennas "Headquarters" and set the antenna range at the distance you would like the spawn to trigger.

Can also be used as a normal station but was intended as a PvE raid/take-over scenario.

Note: Drones will only follow/find players within 10km.





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