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Space Shuttle 2020 for Space Engineers

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Published by Lucky5hot7 (mod ID: 108860)



Merge block 3 to disconnect from launch pad. Needs break thrusters. Do not upload without permission




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Fantom7655 @fantom7655

Well I was sending my cousin into space and it may have been because he was trying to do barrel rolls but anyway... lets just say that it um..... went boom about 4000 or so meters into the air. And the shuttle's power was cutting off for some reason... I didn't make any modifications other that adding a parachute hatch on the nose of the aircraft. Any ideas on what was going on? Out of 9 launches 5 blew up and 2 crashed due to power loss (the engines died). Other than that it's a very cool build!!!!!!! 10/10!!!! :)

Lucky5hot7 @lucky5hot7

Make sure there is full hydrogen in the tanks and ice in the generators to help with this problem

Ch3mast3r @ch3mast3r

The shuttle looks a little complicated at first, but with a little tinkering you will get the hang of how to fly this well built piece of Engineering. I spent a good few hours up in space with this configuration and tested it on Survival Mode. It worked well and gets well out of the earths atmosphere, great work

Lucky5hot7 @lucky5hot7

Just jumped on for the first time in a month(irl issues have been taking up most of my time) and saw your comment, it is really well appreciated, thank you