Space Engineers

Small 8 Wheel Vertical Drill Platform V.3 for Space Engineers

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Published by OlDrino (mod ID: 97567)


Large 8 wheeled, small grid mobile drilling platform. Allows vertical drilling up to 35 meters. Improved the overall stability of the platform with added gyros, new stabilizers, and a (mostly) clear labeling system for "safe" operation.


small_drill_v4.zip1.07mbV 4.0

264-smalldrill.1.zip1008.9kbV 2.0

272-smalldrill.zip1.02mbV 3.0



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SnipersLaww @sniperslaww

fantastic design and i havent checked to see how well ill be able to print this in survival but my tests in my test world were great. just curious as to why you went with an ejection/collection system instead of just piping all the way through the arm though.

OlDrino @oldrino

I tricked myself early in the build with the boom rotor. It kept getting stuck in the down position (Hence the boom assist pistons). I wasn't aware of all the physics rules, and thought my boom was too heavy, so that was as far down as I could initially get with my unnecessarily complex ejector and still have the boom raise. In hindsight, I'm pretty sure the initial Gyro design caused a lot of physics issues and vibration (they don't like to be turned), and wouldn't allow the rotor to rise...I also added a bunch of artificial mass on the opposite side of the rotor, and it seems to operate smoothly now. With the changes I could remove the ejector/collector system, but I kinda like how clunky it is now.

I'm not sure how it would build with a projector either. In the Xbox Beta I think it won't. When I broke a screen, and welded it using the projector (added in V.4) It didn't work correctly with the timer it was connected to.