Space Engineers

Slug Shuttle for Space Engineers

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Published by Dany007 (mod ID: 1737459)



The slug isn't the prettiest shuttle around, but makes up for that with its usability. Designed to fit in a small hanger and provide ship to surface transport.

It is powered mostly by hydrogen thrusters, but has down facing atmo thrusters for easy flying in 1G, and rear facing Ions for cruising in space.

Space for 1 pilot, two passengers and standing room.

The ship also has retractable landing gear, light gun and missle support, though this is mainly for defense as it is built with light armour blocks. Missles are non-reloadable.

All vanilla except for Sci-fi atmospheric thrusters.

The shuttle also has:

1x Medium Cargo, 1x Small Cargo with access from inside

2x Batteries

2x Large H2 tanks, 3x small H2 tanks

Pressurised cabin

2x expansion rails on the side with conveyor access

1x expansion in the front bumper for tools.




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