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-KING's- Tiered JumpDrives 2x-6x for Space Engineers

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(WIP) -KING's- Tiered JumpDrives

2x-6x distance and mass capabilities.

Comes in original size 3x2x3 and new 1x1x1 Large and Small grid.

Power required and durability scales with higher tiers but core components remain same.

Two new components were introduced, KingsCrown for durability and KingsJewel for tiering, more jewels are required for higher tiers. Small grid takes 1/5th power and components of a large grid equal tier and handles 1/5th the mass, but travels the same distance as it's large grid partner.

Currently under development, some changes will occur.

UPDATE: 04/30/2022 - Added Warfare2 Targeting Mechanics

UPDATE: 10/18/2021 - Added 1x1x1 Jumpdrives for both large and small grid. Fixed control panels, highlight is still not quite right but they work at least. Will add to the lower priority todo list.

Server Owners: This mod is targeting the individual user. The future server modpack will be customized to have the number of tiers and multipliers needed based on feedback from testing.

No part of this mod may be used in any other mod without my consent

This mod is now included in my new Tiered Modpack







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YourKILLER @yourkiller

Great mod ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

skingnet @skingnet

Thanks, still under development so I'll get them fixed up better. Also I will add in compact sizes in the next update.

SiHO_colus @sihocolus

FINALLY! Finally a Tiered Jump Drive mod that doesnt cause an Error when loading a World, Crash the Game or even the Entire Console. (speaking of Flares mods) This Mod is absolutely Fantastic. i just have 2 suggestions for this mod: Please add different sizes, like a 1x1x1 version, and more Tiers... maybe 100? imagine almost 200 Blocks of Tier 100 Jump drives... >w<

But hey, great Work man! really cool mod! and as i said already, finally a working mod in this category.

skingnet @skingnet

I still have some splinters to pull out of this one, some settling my occur... Thanks for the feedback. I will consider additions once I nail these ones down solid, currently under development.

SiHO_colus @sihocolus

Ah nice. This Mod is now one of my favorites. I have other suggestions for tiered blocks: Gravity Generator (more G or larger Zone for the Gravity), Safe Zone (larger Zone - if Possible), larger Hangar Doors (1x1x3, 4, 5, up to 10 for example), extended Pistons (from 0 to 1 Block length piston, up to 0 to 100 Blocks piston) and other ideas, like: (small grid force field, walk-through merge block (for docking bridges, I would appreciate that), and more Many more ideas that could be implemented, but you are the only one I know who developed mods for the game. After all, your mods are 100 percent functional, even the WIP. If you are interested, I can list which mods for the game. great work so far!