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-KING's- TIE Fighter Respawn Ship & Build Kit for Space Engineers

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(WIP) King's TIE Fighter Respawn Ship & Build Kit was created to provide you with your very own TIE Fighter, with enough fire power to get you started in your new respawn pod! (TIE Fighter only appears as a Respawn option in survival worlds!) Also included is my first ever 3d-rig... TIE Pilot, model found on the Internet...(see copyright credits below) And the Pilot also gets a new E-11 Blaster stowed away in the TIE when it spawns! (complete with your first 5 power cells, 100 shots each. Plasma cartridges are also supported and have 500 shots each but require more rare materials than power cells)

I dissected a 3d TIE model that I found on sketchfab and turned it into Space Engineers blocks necessary to make a fully functional star fighter respawn ship. While I was finishing things up the author posted a more detailed TIE so I grabbed the interior bits from the new model. (see copyright credits below)

Antenna (side mount attaches to top)
TIE Engines (twin rear mount (can mount more if desired), forward thrust - rest of thrusters are hidden, 1-4 in each direction, see below)
Concussion Missiles (Wing Pylons/arms)
Battery (top of sphere)
Gyroscope (bottom of sphere)
Solar Panel (wings)
Flight Seat (attached to front glass canopy, mounts to main sphere)
Ship Welder (mounts between chin guns)

TIE Engines Hidden (left, right - mount on side of rear connector)
TIE Engines Hidden (back - mount on main front, 1 over and up from chin guns)
TIE Engines Side mount (up/down - 1 of each on each side of main, before placing pylons - above and below mount)

Connector (mounts on rear of sphere)
Backup camera (mounted on rear connector)
Dashcam (mounts on canopy glass)

Remote Control 1x1 (mounts on rear sphere, above rear connector)
Ore Detector 1x2 (mounts on rear sphere, below rear connector)
Jump Drive 1x1 (1-4, or more, best to surround the above two items)

No part of this mod may be used in any other mod without my consent

Special thanks to ChipsStix213 for answering my questions along the way, especially with the 3d character rigging. To TheMonsterIsMe and MTGraves for being modeling mentors and helping me work some things out. For Kreeg & Razortron for inspiring me by blazing the way with their awesome Star Wars mods!

UPDATE 05/24/2022 - Fixed missing blueprint classes to allow survival assemblage, brought to my attention thanks to @CpTnSoB

UPDATE 05/06/2022 - Fixed textures appearing in front of 1st person camera thanks to Kreeg's suggestion! Fixed flame position thanks to Monster Jr.! His 8yr old son noticed the flames were out of place before anyone else!

May the fourth, 2022: Initial release and update


This is an initial release of some really brand new stuff, as such everything is not perfect, somethings are quite rough, and therefore a work in process.
If you use my Tiered Jump Drives, place that mod higher than this one or you will have a conflict
E11-Blaster: rifle is only visible in scope mode when firing
Animation for cartridge changing can be improved, but I am not an animator, yet. I learned how to 3d-rig to get this pilot to you!
Sometimes the bones forget how to move the right arm, need to redo the weight-painting more than likely
TIE Missiles are too OP or too many are allowed. I need to balance that better... Expect changes here!
I will be updating the respawn ship to include more features very soon! (like a survival kit)
After much consideration I will attempt to reduce the size of TIE to get closer to cannon, it will may block sizing awkward for a sphere...but here goes nothing!

TIE Model:
"Star Wars: TIE Interceptor " ( by Daniel is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

TIE Interior:
"Star Wars: TIE Interceptor" ( by Daniel is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

TIE Fighter Wings:
"Star Wars: TIE Fighter" ( by Daniel is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

TIE Pilot:
"TIE Pilot Character" ( by S🅾️Meme star wars is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

E-11 Blaster:
"E-11 Blaster Rifle (Star Wars)" ( by John Mills










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Alphus87 @alphus87

any respawn?

WattledPear73 @wattledpear73

Is it just me or is the mod giving an error screen

skingnet @skingnet

First I've heard, if it was the mod I think I would have more complaints considering the last update was 3 weeks ago... You will need to describe more in detail what you're doing and what you're seeing before I can offer any support.

SiHO_colus @sihocolus

thats actually a Super great Mod, but the Cockpit isnt airtight and also the Tie need special blocks for O2 generation, and few more Conveyor points so i could place some other Blocks. is it Possible to make smaller connectors for the TIE connection/Missile launcher between Cockpit and solar wing? would be cool when i could hook it up inside a Hangar like in SW Rebels shown in some episodes.
oh and please maybe a Alternative Connector without the Yellow marker? i always hate that that the yellow markers ruin the look of the fighter (and other builds) sometimes.
also, can we get some other Solar wings and body types? like TIE defender/Interceptor/Bomber or the triangle like from Ep 9...

but anyway, Great Mod.

CpTnSoB @cptnsob

Ok so i got to the bottom of the crashing had nothing to do with this mod it was warfare2 dlc additions how ever the only way to get the ammo for the tie still for us is to soawn it in still cant make it unfortunately 😔

skingnet @skingnet

This is repaired, thanks for the feedback! I gave you honorable mention for pointing out the bug in the description. :)

CpTnSoB @cptnsob

So this might be a dumb question when we try to make the ammo it doesn't show up and for the admins when we move down the spawn list half way down it crashes the game probably cuz it gets to where the ammo should be and won't load it i guess??

skingnet @skingnet

If you add a mod to a server, and connect to the server before it restarts, you will see this type of behavior. Outside of that scenario I wouldn't expect it, so I need more info if this is not the case. If it is crashing your game I need exact steps you take if it's repeatable so I can produce a crash log to look at. If this is a bug I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your willingness to give more feedback... :)

Taylor2002 @taylor7295

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you've been in contact with Niteowl, yes? I think I remember him saying he was working on something with Monster, and you've been in contact with Monster, so I figured...Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is: When you make the Rebel pods, do you have any plans on cross mod compatibility(Bonus part swaps to allow
us to use Niteowl's Astromech Droid mod with the Rebel Respawn Pods)?

skingnet @skingnet

This is me sampling everything I just learned in regards to 3d characters and rigging, plus 3d model repurposing and crafting/texturing into SE blocks... So nothing is polished or finalized. And I am using this mod as a baseline to teach the team... We are all three working together on a future modpack, and they are the artistic guys so they will make better looking stuff than I do. We will make things modular when it makes sense, but all the details of which we are still sorting out so stay tuned and wait for us to release a teaser vid... The more time I spend fielding questions here the less time I have working with Monster & NiteOwl to make things happen. :)

Powergate12 @powergate12

I have posted a preassembled TIE if anyone is having difficulty

skingnet @skingnet

Re-spawn and choose TIE Fighter is the quickest and easiest way to get one.... However, there will be an instruction video posted soon and when the TIE Interceptor is ready all models will be purchasable from the economy system, complete with optional upgrades.

Powergate12 @powergate12

On my creative world this option does not appear for me as an option. I only uploaded the BP so i did not have to keep rebuilding it , if i crashed the fighter or if it got blown up

skingnet @skingnet

Then you are likely using another mod that changes the same settings I do (respawn pods) and if you want this feature you need to give this mod priority by making it higher in the mod list..

EDIT: Creative worlds do not get spawn ships... So good job on seeing a need and filling it! :) If you change to survival, you will get the option to get the prebuilt ship

Taylor2002 @taylor7295

Hey, I know this was just meant as a Respawn Pod, but do you have any plans regarding more TIE parts(Bomber, Interceptor, Advanced)?

skingnet @skingnet

Indeed! This was an afterthought, the Interceptor came first complete with survival kit and 02/H2 production. We have some specific plans on other variations and rebel fighters as well... However some issues came up in testing that made me pull back on it, and focus on getting the core TIE (with the Fighter variant instead) out and in the hands of folks that are willing to give feedback like yourself. so thanks again!

Taylor2002 @taylor7295

Always happy to help! Also, just something for the final version: Canonically, the T.I.E/LN Fighter wasn't equipped with Missiles. However, there is a lesser-known variant called the T.I.E/GT(Ground Targeting) Starfighter which could. It acted as the predecessor to the T.I.E/SA Bomber and its Cockpit was elongated to hold a bomb/missile bay.

skingnet @skingnet

The missiles belong to the Interceptor, but I didn't want the only TIE I put into SE not able to have them. I will make other pylons in the future that do not have that feature, but may have something different... ;) The mods I make are better categorized as Star Wars themed fan-fiction not exact replicas. I definitely take creative license to get things to feel right to me and for SE, it's a delicate balance because there are so many SW fans, my goal is to make it fun for all not canonically perfect... for instance, this guy will get life support eventually so I can get the Survival Kit feature in the Fighter as well... The Interceptor already has it.

MrSugarDabs @mrsugardabs

Any Possibility of JUST the TiE pilot? :) Love the mod regardless!

skingnet @skingnet

Maybe when I get him cleaned up and working correctly... until then I don't want to have two places to update.