Space Engineers

[SIM] Echo Trade Station [TS] for Space Engineers

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Published by KeenSoftwareHouse (mod ID: 77509)



This is a submission for the Stations Design Competition

No Mods
No Structural DLC
No Pistons, No Rotors
No Scripts
Survival Ready

Station DetailsName: Echo
Class: Trade Station
Role: Trade
Environment: Space
Crew: Unmanned

Grid Details

  • Mass: 925,315Kg (Station)
  • Block Count: 1,798
  • PCU: 4,974
  • Grids: 1
  • Width: 67.5m
  • Height: 62.5m


  • Pressurised Interior with Sensor Based Airlock
  • 1 x Contracts Interface
  • 1 x Store Interface
  • 2 x ATM
  • 2 x Vending Machine
  • Landing Pad with Connector
  • Gas Production (1 x Gas Generator, 1 x Oxygen Tank, 2 x Hydrogen Tank)
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Beacon
  • 4 x Connector

DescriptionThe Echo Station is an unmanned Trade Station designed for use in Deep Space. It is unarmed and has little in the way of armour. With no production facilities or refining equipment, it is purely for commerce and communications.

NotesThis station was built for the Keen Software House Trading Stations competition and as such is painted with the colour #FF0000. This is why it looks like The Cat In The Hat. If you want to repaint it, Standard Interplanetary Mining blue is #00040D.

I try to make all my ships suitable for use in survival, if you use my ships and find a bug/problem, let me know.




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