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Seabreeze IC CargoTruck HD +LFW Miner for Space Engineers

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Published by Gregs092584 (mod ID: 98212)


A heavy duty variant to long fang wolf's design

I lengthened the chassis while keeping the storage compartment,bed and under chassis relatively the same visually

I added a proper cabin with functional doors

Added lights to front and rear for authentic look

Added articulated rear gate for ability to transport small rovers

Added extra connectors for loading and offloading of material... bed connector is just a locking mechanism for transport

Added extra jack pistons and weight blocks to cabin roof to balance the weight while lifted for repair

His miner is largerly untouched as i only tweaked the tail for size and resprayed it to seabreeze industrial corp. Colors

:::credit:::long fang wolf for inspiration and credit to original design::: see also his ::: lfw (new) cargotruck mk2 + scorpion miner (no dlc) for his original take on this work

Brought to you by seabreeze industrial corp.

via a LongFangWolf original





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