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SDS Operational Script for Space Engineers

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full disclosure I am not the author of this script it is put up with the permission of DEeMONX and all credit should go to him and I have also included a link to this script on the steam workshop

Manufacturer: Space Defence Systems
Type: Program script
Purpose: Control systems of ships
Customization option: Yes
Learn complexity: Average

  • Switching the status of blocks and groups via the interface on the LCD panel
  • Creating a block category, submenu, and menu
  • Airlocks control without timers
  • Changing indicators in real time
  • Use on any LCD
  • Multiple cockpits control
  • Sending commands to other program blocks
  • WASD Keyboard control
  • Use any color

SDS-OS (Space Defense Systems Operational Script) is a code that simplify the management of various systems in the ships and stations, displaying information on any LCD panel or display. Easy visuals and controls will allow beginners to quickly understand ship's systems, and sorting the elements will help put everything on the good place. The script can be controlled from several cockpits, and information will be synchronously shown on displays and / or LCD panels. The logic of building commands will allow you to quickly get used to all features of the code and create your own unique set of elements. The script is easily configure, has a customizable color palette, and supports WASD control.

See the full guide here
Brief manual

  1. Click "Subscribe" on this page
  2. Set the control cockpit, its name should include Cockpit
  3. Install the Program Block on Your ship
  4. Click "Edit", then "Browse Scripts", there we find SDS-OS in the list, compile the script ("Check Code" and "OK")
  5. Run the program block with the argument setup

Steam workshop link

Example SDS-OS Demo-Test Ship: Steamcommunity.comList of SDS ships with SDS-OS installed:




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Apprentice209 @apprentice209

Does the game have to be on creative mode to get that edit bar in the programming block?

KhaosKalan1313 @khaoskalan1313

You have to have the game set to experimental mode, and have scripts enabled for your world/server.