Space Engineers

Screen Art Pack for Space Engineers

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Published by Technomorphic (mod ID: 97994)



This is designed for Xbox users, to give them some more options for their screens. PC users can easily do this themselves, using Whip's Image Converter. I encourage PC players to put together their own art packs for the Xbox community in the same way!

To use:

  • Either load the blueprint with creative tools, or project it with a projector.
    • If you use a projector, you can overlap the blueprint's wall with your own, so that you don't have to build a new wall.
  • Choose the screen you want, and access its control panel. They are named in the control panel to make them easier to find, but some share similar names so I suggest you access the screen you want directly.
  • Take note of the settings (Text and Images, Monospace Font, 0.1 Font Size, Center Aligned)
  • Click Edit Text highlight and copy the text from the box. (You'll need a keyboard for this, Ctrl+C)
  • Build the screen you want the art on, where you want it. Portrait/Poster sized screens are sideways wide screens, point the arrows to your left.
  • Make sure the settings are correct, as noted earlier.
  • Click Edit Text and paste in the monospace text you copied earlier. (Ctrl+V)
  • You're done! Dismantle the wall, or keep it somewhere convenient for later use.

Your clipboard persists between saves, so you can load up a creative save, place the wall, copy the art you want from it, and load up your normal survival save to paste it onto a screen. This is obviously a bit less convenient, but it means you don't have to build the wall in survival.

If you don't have a keyboard, you can bypass having to copy and paste the monospace text by projecting the screen you want into the spot you want it, and welding it in directly. This isn't going to be an especially pleasant way of doing things, however.




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DeeKay1986 @deekay1986

Very cool

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Excellent ! Thx for sharing ! I will quote you if I use them in my builds !

TAKEADAB9029 @takeadab9029

Yes thank you now i can have some nice screwns to use in my control rooms and stuff keep this up bro definitly much appriciated

IVkogXX @ivkogxx

Thanks for thinking of us console players.

Brohammerinc @brohammerinc

I would definitely love to see more art packs!

TuskenSlater @slaternater2501

No one else seems to be doing this can you put some more up like hologram ui , hologram spaceship , xray of wolverine skeleton , some star wars symbols would be nice maybe even some halo stuff and some matrix symbols this would be cool.

MIKEGLIVE @mikeglive

Thanks for putting this up for us xbox guys. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘