Space Engineers

S3-DC1 Drone Corvette 'Dragoon' for Space Engineers

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Published by LastSt4ndHunter (mod ID: 97851)


The S3-DC1 'Dragoon' is a third generation drone warship designed and built by 'Spectre Ordinance'.

Type - Drone Corvette

Role - Patrol and Escort (Corvette)

Manufacturer - Spectre Ordinance

Mass - 331,187 KG

PCU - 4,492

Length - 68.5 m

Width - 18.8 m

Height - 25 m

Crew - None

Armour - Light Armour (3 block maximum thickness)

Armament - 6 25x185mm Gatling Turrets

Engines - 17 Hydrogen engines

Power - 3 Batteries (9 MW)

Fuel capacity - 5,250,000 L (Hydrogen)

Design - The drone has isolated but comfortable optics as the front and a another camera to assist with docking. The drone has an easy to access interior for maintenance only. The drone is equipped with a projector to make repairs easy. The drone is also equipped with a distress beacon to find the drone easier to salvage when the drone is damaged.




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