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Reactor Upgrade Module - UAS Bastet for Space Engineers

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(Vanilla | Survival Ready | No DLC | Upgrade Module)

Requires: UAS Bastet

But Why Is All The Uranium Gone?

The Reactor Upgrade Module (RUM) is an optional upgrade for the UAS Bastet that helps with the most common upgrade scenario: changing power generation from hydrogen to uranium. It's like DLC for your ship!


Six reactors will provide 90MW - enough power to run all 10 O2/H2 generators, both refineries, and the assembler, while also providing maximum thrust to all 4 atmospheric thrusters or charging both jump drives simultaneously.


Make sure your Bastet is upgraded to the latest blueprint version. This upgrade module is only compatible with blueprints using the Bastet v7.

Just load the RUM into the Bastet's repair projector. It has been specifically crafted so that the parts will line up in the correct positions. The RUM is a partial blueprint and is created as a single grid with disconnected parts.

The reactors will be positioned between the cargo containers and the refineries, as well as replacing a pair of conveyor tubes below the main cargo containers.

It is highly recommended to replace the hydrogen engine group on Bar 4 of the flight seats with the reactors group for easy startup/shutdown and leave the hydrogen engines off unless in an emergency. Since batteries lose 20% of the power put into them, the batteries group should be left permanently on Recharge unless all uranium is exhausted.

PCU/Block Delta

+130 PCU, +4 Blocks





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