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RTech Fluffy Rover for Space Engineers

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Published by Roikkumies (mod ID: 98073)


Roikkumies of RTech brings you Fluffy the Companion Rover. Fluffy was made on Earth, but it may work on other planets too. Not tested on those though.

Just press a button to start Fluffy (under the eye)

And press the button again to make Fluffy stay put.

This is just a rough version of the bot. There are some bugs in it, like the braking not working correctly.

If Fluffy just keeps going forward, use remote control or access its control panel, go to all wheels and turn Brakes on.

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Wickedmist83 @wickedmist83

I did notice when i made it through the bluepeint on survival it wouldn't stop going foward untill i turned the battery off. Oh im on xbox by the way

Wickedmist83 @wickedmist83

I would love to know how you did this is so amazing. I kinda want one that looks like a fox head lol