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Rigor for Space Engineers

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Published by Zeliret (mod ID: 694753)


Just a small large grid ship (1423 blocks), ready for survival. It can enter and leave earth gravity, have a single refinery with four updates and single assembler with two updates, two jump drives. It can be a small mobile base for space. Created for myself to use on a server.


  • Refinery x1 (x4 yield)
  • Assembler x1 (x2 speed)
  • Small cargo x7
  • Large hydrogen tank x2
  • Oxygen tank x2
  • H2 generator x4
  • Jump drive x2
  • Gyroscope x8 (should add more, perhaps)
  • Small reactor x4
  • Battery x8
  • Antenna x2
  • Projector x1
  • Survival kit x1 (instead of medical)
  • Ore detector x1
  • Cryo chamber x1




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NeuroSplash @neurosplash

Nice and original survival ship !
I love your design style and the clean control panel is a rare detail.
The interior is really nice too, well lit and RP.
Really efficient, tested in survival, the only problem is the port bow rocket launcher (RL5) which does not receive rockets because placed in the wrong direction. Hope you fix it !
Thumb up !

Zeliret @zeliret

Thank you! Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated. Will fix the launcher.

NeuroSplash @neurosplash

You're welcome engineer ! Keep up the good work !