Space Engineers

Refueling auto manufacturing base for Space Engineers

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Published by ProwlinSniper (mod ID: 169550)


this base comes complete with 40 hydrogen tanks, several oxygen tanks for refuelling your ships and has 8 h2-o2 gens to convert ice for the tanks, a rover garage for a small grid rover with connector inside, 4 refinery's all with yield mods, 7 assemblers with speed mods on all, 6x reactors and 4x hydrogen engines, 2 cryopods and a med bay and relax room above the rover garage, all sections have there own oxygen systems to keep all sections air tight, landing pad for even big ships on top of the hydrogen/oxygen storage out the back, and 4 large cargo containers behind the storage to store extra ice, manufacturing part has sorters to sort ammo, ingots, components and weapons n tools for easy collection in there own containers in a side room so its fully automatic. enjoy n make changes to suit your needs.




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