Space Engineers

Redunant for Space Engineers

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Published by ASHENxSAINTZ (mod ID: 694335)






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ASHENxSAINTZ @ashenxsaintz

The Redundant is a heavy Destroyer. It Uses heavy armor to protect vital areas. It ugly but effective. It is a 3 floor ship with a small rear hangar divided into two sections to protect the ship. Ever compartment is pressurized and divided by hangar doors to impede boarders while allowing clear line of sight for defenders. Its armed with 66 gattling guns, 24 rock turrents, and 50 interior turrent's. The ship has 8 med bays in 3 compartment, 4 jump drives, 34 batteries for emergency power, 1 dedicated cargo hold, 1 control room, and 2 dedicated reactor rooms, 8 exterior docks, and 16 decoys. This ship was made to be highly survivable with the ability to take heavy damage but remain operation. This ship was made to be reseistant to boarding and sabotage with multiple redundant systems interconnected to prevent loss of power, ammo, and oxygen. The ship can also be used as a light to heavy carrier. With multiple jump drives its easy for it to surprise enamy craft as well as leave combat for repairs. The Redundant is survival ready with all nessisary functionality.