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Reavers: Terror of the Verse for Space Engineers

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This mod uses Server-Side Scripting. It will only run on a Dedicated Server.

What Are Reavers?

The Reavers in this mod are heavily inspired by the Reavers of the Firefly TV series / Serenity movie. They are aggressive, cannibalistic pirates that fly macabre ships often adorned with sharp protrusions and bodies of their previous victims. When they spot a target, they will chase it relentlessly - that is their way.

Reavers do not automatically know where players or targets are (unless they are alerted by other Reavers). They detect their targets using a few methods. Up to 10km, they can see any target that has an antenna or beacon signal that is visible to them. Within 5km, they can detect grid motion depending on its speed and size. Within 2km, targets are considered to be within visual range regardless of broadcasting signals or movement. They will attack player characters, and player / NPC owned grids.

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Types Of Encounters

You will mainly encounter Reavers while in space or on Lunar Surfaces (anywhere that standard cargo ships can appear).

Reavers also have a small chance of appearing in the dead zone between where planetary atmosphere ends and zero-gravity begins. This is enabled by a recent Modular Encounters Spawner feature that allows "Gravity Cargo Ships"

While on planets, each Reaver SpawnGroup has a 0.5% chance of being considered an eligible spawn during the spawning process. So planetary encounters are very rare, but certainly possible.

Depending on what sort of grids you have built, you will encounter different types of Reaver ships. If you have large and well armed grids, then you can expect to see larger Reaver encounters. Small Reaver encounters start at a threat score of 333, Medium start at 666, and the Largest encounters start at 999. If you are an admin or playing offline, you can check Threat Score at your current position using the spawner /MES.GESAP chat command.


- Modular Encounters Spawner

- RivalAI

- Dedicated Server (Xbox only / Required for Modular Encounters Spawner and RivalAI)

Special Thanks

Thanks go out to Master Scarlett for providing the Havelock encounter and Keen's author of the original Big Red / Big Blue ships (Tomas Rampas?). Thanks to Splitsie and Capac Amaru for Cockroach encounter. Thanks to the Ball&Chain Gang Community for the Nikkadudu boss encounter.

Restrictions Regarding Republishing This Mod

Please refrain from republishing this mod on or anywhere else. If this is not respected, I may exercise my right as the original creator and file DMCA notices against infringing copies at my discretion.

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Modular Encounters Spawner




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Kev1e88 @kev1e88

Not sure whats up, We put the mod on our server, 4 hours later we got a report that a players base was messed up, about 2 hours later we find a massive reaver ship on the planet and nuked a Orc base. We want the mod to make space hard but it spawns to frequently on planets. We have at this stage removed the mod

Ltblackburn7 @ltblackburn7

wanna play this on solo brin game life 4 me waste 13 buck on server couldn't. Even figure out. How fine it after i purchase money grab no people. Old school we game but we anit on this technology. Web page file ex. just want ability. Have great solo or. With my one only gamin buddy play pc version. But my. Labtop trash but one guy pron just un installin. Let down again.

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas


Beargawn @beargawn

Excellent mod BUT they really do LAG the server, even on a GTXGAMING hosted server that has all MAXED available features enabled and being paid for. Server REALLY lags when they are near or going through the crash sit to dismantle them.

Crnew1 @crnew1

Can you post the ships individually please

Mandrews_89 @mandrews-89

First off great mod. The dangerous reaver encounter scared me senseless! Quick question what spec do you recomend for the dedicated server as the dangerous encounter melted server sim speed after it opened fire on me. Also a way around chat commands instead if getting it to the players clipboard could you not write it to a screen? Also would you allow republishing if it was tweaking settings, as to modify the sbc we would need to reublish.

CT9018VENOM @ct9018venom

When i try to load this mod on xbox it just unloads my world and says this mod uses scripts. Is there any way to fix it

Basilisk013 @basilisk013

Got this running on my server for fun, but no reavers... anything special I need to do?

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas

There are some restrictions on how they spawn. They operate on a threat score for spawning, so they won't appear until you've built up your own grids and resources. On planets, they will be very rare as well.

KageDeamon @kagedeamon

Loved this mod over on PC, hope that this version comes close to that!!

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas

It’s the exact same version, the only difference being theres no audio from notification or chat broadcasts (ie, no static-y screaming) because it used client scripting - all other behavior is intact :)