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RCSP - Valkyrie Mk5 Vtol for Space Engineers

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Published by Venom415 (mod ID: 93632)



Welcome Engineers to the RCSP Valkyrie Mk-V! This is an INTERPLANETARY NO MODS SURVIVAL READY VTOL that is meant for Troop transport and/or cargo and vehicle transportation, The design was heavily inspired By the Halo Pelican Dropship and I have been modifying this ship ever since 2013 Space engineers, it sure has come a long way!
The Valkyrie comes with the Following:
- Two Gatling guns and 4 Rocket Pods along with 1 Gatling turret on top
- 2 Large reactors and 2 small Batteries for power
- 3 O2 Generators to power the Hydrogen thrusters
- Multiple Connectors and a merge block to attach whatever you need
- 6 seats in the back with small cargo containers underneath each seat for extra storage

The Valkyrie was never meant for survival, rather it was meant as a prop for an RP series. Many people asked for me to make it survival ready and interplanetary capable, and here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it!

19/03/2020 UPDATE:
We just had a major update which includes new small hydrogen tanks so I have updated the Valkyrie to include them for better use in survival. I have added roughly 65 Small Hydrogen Tanks so you will have enough fuel to fly into space.
Here are some additions that have been made:
- Added 4 Hydrogen thruster modes (Planetary mode, Space mode, Booster Thrusters, All Hydrogen Thrusters)
- Added Ore Detector
- Added glass window for rear Door and other cosmetics around the ship

- Take off instructions -
To fly into space you need to build up speed horizontally; and once you reach 100 m/s you need to pull up but not straight up, engage the 'Planetary Mode' thrusters and then the 'Boost Thrusters'. If you start slowing down; dont worry as you will pick up speed after a while.

Sorry for the complicated take off instructions but she is quite heavy so fly with caution, and enjoy!




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captainRex406 @captainrex406

AIght, Imma go crash in a crucial moment in a battle-every UNSC pilot ever

Welch9o4 @welch9o4


RainySquash7703 @rainysquash7703

Awesome ship. One question though, I know what a VTOL is but I can’t figure out what it stands for lol.

KillerJoedo @killerjoedo

Vertical TakeOff/Landing

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

No need for airstrip to take off or land.

TORGMASTER @torgmaster

very good venom my congrats!

HairlessRobin39 @hairlessrobin39

Halo ?

Venom415 @venom415

Inspired by it yes, the pelican really became the standard scifi VTOL design so its hard for things to not look like it, might as well make it look unique lol